General Assembly

The General Assembly of the Brotherhood's supreme governing body of the Association, and consists of all full partners of the same. It is chaired by the President of the Association, assistant secretary and other members of the Board.

General Assemblies may be ordinary and extraordinary.

The General Assembly will meet once a year and shall be convened at least fifteen days in advance by the Secretary subpoena directed to all members entitled to participate in the Assembly. In the notice must state the day, hour, place and agenda of the meeting.

The Extraordinary General Assembly will meet when deemed appropriate by the Chairman of the Association, ho chord Board, the Board of Majorals, I ask the President or one fifth of the Association members with the right to speak and vote, indicating the agenda and other organizational aspects mentioned in the previous paragraph.

The General Assembly shall be validly, first call, when it is present absolute majority of the members of the Association, with voice and vote. On second call, half an hour later, shall be valid whatever the number of members who attend the Assembly.

the agreements, for its validity, adopted by majority vote of the members present in the first two ballots, and relative majority in the third ballot.

For the modification of the Statutes, for the extinction of the Association and for special cases decided by the General Assembly, agreements will have to be made, a single valid ballot a majority of two thirds of the votes present and represented at least one-tenth of the members with voice and vote.

The powers of the General Assembly are:

– Elect President of the Association. The President elected, must be confirmed by the Archbishop. You also need to confirm the team(Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) presented by the President. Without discrimination based on sex or race.

– Examine and approve, if applicable, management board.

– Decide on matters submitted to it by the Board of Directors, the proper functioning of the Association.

– To approve the annual report of the activities of the Association, and set the same line of action and precise guidelines for programs to perform.

– Examine and approve the statement of accounts of the financial year and the annual ordinary and extraordinary budget.

– Agreed to change the registered office of the Association.

– Fix the ordinary and extraordinary fee to be paid members of the Association.

– Authentically interpreting the provisions of the Statute.

– Approving the Internal Regulations and decided to review the same, always in accordance with the provisions of the Statutes.

– Agreed amendments to the Statutes, which must be approved by the Diocesan Ordinary for their validity.

– Agreed the termination of the Association.

– Decide on any important question relating to the government and management of the Association.