Primitive relic of St. George

In the "Cuadern d'estudis locales nº 2" published by the Asociació Cultural Font Bona -Centre d'Estudis Locals de Banyeres de Mariola on the occasion of 250 Anniversary of the blessing of the parish temple of Santa María ((1752-2002), we discover the religious development, social and economic of the parish history of our town.

In it we can read:

"In the protocols of Laureano Ballester (1703 – 1704) active clerk in the second half of the s. XVIII, The first inventory of the old church appears.

According to inventory terms, according to the custom of the time, the clerk testifies to the act, convened in the parish church of the University of Bathtubs by the rector Mosen Lloréns, in the presence of Bernardo Sans, Mayor, Juan Albero de Juan and Antonio Albero, jurors. Only objects and clothes would be invented.

The whole gives the impression of a rather poor church and says the following:

. . .

9. A gold gilt Reliquary with its silver cross and gilded wooden foot.

. . .

further ahead

"In 1742, on the occasion of the construction of the new parish church of Sta. Maria, the last inventory of the old church is practiced and written, by the clerk Laureano Ballester, in the presence of Dr. D. Mauro Aparici and with the assistance of Fray Urbano Ferre, religious minimum of San Sebastián, in Valencia, Carlos Albero, ordinary mayor, Pedro Tree, dean alderman, Marcelino Doménech and Asensi Berenguer, aldermen, Vicente Tortosa, prosecutor, and the witnesses; inventoried objects that are symbolically given to the new priest.

A golden Reliquary with its silver cross and wooden foot. In it there are the relics of San Blas, Saint Peter, Santa Barbara, “., Santa Leocadia, Saint George, of the Cross of Christ, San Vicente Ferrer, a money of those who sold Christ Our Lord, of San Vicente Mártir, San Francisco, Saint Onofre, Saint Sebastian, San Mauro and another of the place where the angel announced to the Virgin”.

. . .

Unfortunately for this first Relic of Sant Jordi, having almost completely disappeared the parish archive during the Civil War, we have no news about his whereabouts.