Decorating the ceilings of the Hermitage

In early April 2011 Brotherhood of St. George, Being President Jorge Enrique Esteban Romero, With the intention to continue caring and enlarging its heritage and devotional heritage, and fulfills almost haventse 13 years from which the church rebuilt and blessed by allotajar out and protect the image of St. George the "Small", start and end of St. George Transfers, at the beginning and conclusion of the holidays we celebrate in honor of our Patron Saint George, proceeded to decorate the ceiling of the chapel, since previously only were painted with a plain color of yellow tones.

The company responsible for the decoration of the ceilings of the chapel was Art and Restoration Algemesí, S.L., Xavier and his front Ferragut, who has already carried out the restoration of the image of St. George and his anda, as well as the restoration of the wooden reliquary and its fine silver with silver.

The works of decoration of the ceilings have lasted two weeks, and have led to the following actions: Preparing walls, scratching, masillat, compacting and reinforcing 1 ma fastener. Base color for the decor 2 Painting hands, earth tones, to give him more warmth to the whole and led to the stone masonry white highlight more. Curb fine gold with the mixtió, delimited by the walls marking recuadres nerves masonry ceiling. Decoration recuadres corner of the walls and ceilings boot lamps, hanging from the center of each of the 3 bovedes at nau. Outlined decoration, Highlight the set to give him more.

The works were fully completed on the eve of the festival of Sant Jordi, being visited by all the people on 28 d'abril, Transfer holding down.