The restoration of the Altar of St. George

L’any 1973, in the bad condition he was in, as a result of humidity, cork attacks, etc., the first restoration of the Altar of Sant Jordi was carried out, being President Jose Luis Belda Sempere, the works were contracted with the Alcoy painter Francisco Picó, who submitted three restoration proposals, being chosen the proposal that contemplated to realize details of color in the borders and borders, leaving the capitals in golden glitter, and the rest painted in ivory, including in the chosen budget to also carry out the treatment against the corcón.

The restoration was suffered by entities, ranks and neighbors of the town of Banyeres, getting to collect the total amount budgeted before concluding the restoration works.

At the beginning of the year 1980, sent President Octavio García Payá, the rehabilitation works of the Altar of Sant Jordi are being carried out, by the back, in order to install a load mount that will allow you to easily download and upload the Image to participate in the Solemn Procession of St. George's Day, coupled to the float of the Saint that had been recovered years before.

later, l’any 2005, the comprehensive restoration of Parish Temple was underway, which was made by the famous decorator and restorer Bartolomé Caraval of Valencia, for this reason the board of directors chaired by Francisco Sánchis Francés, promoted the restoration and integral decoration of the whole of the altar of Sant Jordi. Agreeing on the work with the Madrid company Talleres de Arte Granda.

The company offered a comprehensive restoration and decoration project for the entire Altar, combining two shades of color with the technique of marbling in red and green, to give greater emphasis to the altarpiece, highlighting the reliefs, moldings, cornices and columns in gold leaf.

According to the agreement, the restoration works and works ended the day 18 of April, on the eve of the celebration of the Festes de Sant Jordi. And as on other occasions, the response was very quick to support the project and finalize its funding., both by local entities, of the neighbors, rows and captains, as well as local artists who donated works to be sold and to raise funds.

The seeds of restoration and polychrome of the Altar were used, to condition the small funicular housed at the foot of the Image of St. George, so that the 2ª Relic of our Patron will be exposed forever, arrival at Banyeres de Mariola on 7 September of the year 2003.

In July of the year 2011 the final lighting is installed, being President Jorge Enrique Esteban Romero, in order to ensure that the Altar was illuminated on its entire surface.

The lighting approach made the projectors work, five on each side, they were fully integrated into the architecture of the Parish Temple (columns, cornices, etc.) so that they did not have an excessive presence, as well as the light power does not overheat excessively on the general lighting of the central nave, in order not to take importance to the unique set that conforms the central ship, the transept and the presbytery.

The electrical installation and the spotlights were paid for by a devotee of St. George, as soon as the installation and assembly of the same were concluded.