Relic of St George 1780

He arrived in Banyeres de Mariola on the first weekend of September 1780, resting on the El Morer estate located on the outskirts of the village, on Saturday night. Being received by all the festers of Banyeres de Mariola with salvos of arcabusseria on Sunday morning.

The Relic is contested by a Reliquary made of chiseled silver, burinada, coined, turned and cast, of the s. XVIII; With floral decorations around, the set is topped by the coat of arms of Banyeres de Mariola engraved on the upper oval and by a small cross. The author is unknown, but at the foot are the initials “L. T.”.

L’any 1980, the M. I. Banyeres de Mariola City Council, it imposed the silver medal to him of the municipality, in commemoration of the II Centenary of his arrival in 1780.

He currently presides over the Feast of the Relic of St. George, which is celebrated from 1780 the first Sunday of September. Being revered by all the faithful at the end of the Solemn Procession of the Relic of St. George.