Mitra, rain cover, Casulla, Dalmatics i Estoles

L´any 2007 Brotherhood of St. George, sent President Tello Navarro Tree, unable to continue using the red Tern St. George, l'expresident given by the government in the early twentieth century Canalejas, the bad state in which s'encotrava, especially the cope, decided to make a new Tern, composed of Mitra, Rain cover, Chasuble and Stole for celebrant and two dalmatics two flocks for ministers.

The set is made with silk in beige to the front, a silk lining of the same color but red by’ interior, le edges finished with a horn strap color red. Enrich all pieces together, a Cenefa borders embroidered in gold thread and black thread, leading to center the St George Cross in red color, Cenefa decorated with small beads of gold. It should highlight the “scalp” the cope is decorated with embroidered image, St. George on horseback and off is a golden fringe.

The whole, used from the hours, in the celebrations of the Feast of St. George and Relic, roper being kept in the Guild of St. George has at its Headquarters.