the Script

The Script of Sant Jordi, it precedes the religious demonstrations that the Confraternity of Sant Jordi organizes and that ennobles as it teaches that all the neighbors follow.

It was paid for by Gregorio Molina from Bath, in order to restore the old Script of the Saint that was destroyed as a result of the Civil War, the 27 of July of 1936, and blessed the 27 May 1945 after the Mass of 12,00 h., within the events of the Carrer La Creu festivities.

"At the end of this, the inhabitants of the street and the whole town in general will address, accompanied by the music band, to the Cross of the Missions to give thanks to God for having freed us from the immense horrors of war and to beg him to guide and protect our Leader with his infinite Wisdom and Power. Then the whole town will go to the street of La Cruz where the blessing of the beautiful script of San Jorge that our admirable and generous countryman Don Gregorio Molina gives to Bañeres will take place.. after this ceremony, when the script arrives at the Church, the Choir directed by D. Godofredo Garriguez will sing the hymn of the Patron Saint and Martyr.”

The first Sunday of September 1945, it went out for the first time in the Solemn Procession of the Holy Relic of Sant Jordi, brought by uncle Micalet “that of Bovar”.

It is made of silk taffeta, asymmetrically shaped and profusely hand-embroidered in the baroque style. On the front, the borders of flowers and multicolored rockeries stand out, as well as the central medallion with the image of Sant Jordi, and on the back the inscription “Glory to Saint George”.

As is traditional, whenever he's on the street, it is carried by a member of the Filà de Cristians and on each of its sides, a boy from Filà itself holds each of the two cords, accompanying and listening to the bearer of the Sant Jordi Script.