The bell of St. George

The bell of St. George, was made by the workshop of Juan Bautista Soler Roses, Adzeneta of Albaida, in 1951. Faces mistral (northwest and has an approximate weight of 645 kilos.

His replacement at the end of the Civil War was made possible thanks to the contributions of materials made of bronze and copper voluntarily by all the people.

According to the "Gang of Ringers Vall d'Albaida", may be a "fake", since the letters of the inscription identifies are welded and fused tendrian as if it was newly out, ie a bell that came from another parish and that they hid during the 1936-1939 at some foundry workshop. Confirmarse that if you are given a very important value testomonail.

For our people, has a special meaning, Joys since we sing in St. George, refer to the bell that was sounded great devotion people over many years to demanarli assistance and protection to its lofty Pattern:


When the storm roars
bell touches your
and the instant the storm
and course plays against.
And with such great devotion
leaves the people admired