The old image of St. George

The oldest Image that was venerated at the Altar of the Saint, and of which we have news, it was the work of Antonio Esteve Romero, hungry Valencian sculptor. Made in the year 1841, in carved wood, polychrome and gold.

It was destroyed on 27 of July of 1936, burned along with all images, altarpieces, objects of worship, etc., of the parish church, in the area of ​​Plà Roig, because of the Civil War.

Once the great fire that destroyed practically all the religious heritage of our town was extinguished, Juan Sempere Ferre "the Meek", being very young, from the pile of ashes that disappeared he managed to recover one of the horse's four legs and one of the tassels from the Script of Sant Jordi.

Nowadays both the paw and the tassel, they are guarded by the Sempere - Avellán family.