The altar in the church of Our Lady of Mercy

L’Altar de Sant Jordi ubicat al creuer de l’Església Parroquial de la Mare de Déu de la Misericòrdia de Banyeres Mariola va ser construït per D. Ramón Porta French 1947, being its cost 20.000 pts., Emilia Pascual paid for by Colomina, and were paid as follows: 2.000 pts. signing the contract, 2.000 pts. monthly from the month of August when construction begins, eliminating the rest to complete the construction of the Altar.

The altar were two early sketches with a few differences between them. Finally, chose, as is evident, we have to the Parish Church. However, when you build it they made some small changes to include a small image of low fonícula Pattern, others.

Neoclassical style like all others of the same church, platejament follows the aesthetic marked by the Altar, since the Parochial Temple Restoration Committee, once concluded Civil War, so decided to make harmony in aesthetic and artistic.

The altarpiece was built in pine, no finish. It has two levels and basement with Superiore auction. The basement is divided into two levels. The first and lowest of the table is hosted Altar, and on this a niche where nowadays exposed second Relic of St. George came to Mariola year 2003. about this, three niches, The central and largest houses the image of St. George, and both sides, two smaller hosting right of the San San Blas and left at San Luis Gonzaga. The upper level houses an oil on canvas depicting St. Vincent Martyr. All finishes in wood composition that symbolizes the glow of sanctity about it and a white cloud that supports the iconographic elements representing St. George: helmet, the Sword and shield with cross.

Ramón Puerta was French gilder, made of olives (Valencia). The construction work of the Altar of St. George was helped by his son Ramon Llorca door. Charge Mr. French port for coordinating the entire team of professionals and artists with superb collective Which·laborava asiduament, among them the sculptor Francisco Teruel, author of most of the images in our parish church, the painter Salvador Gil, the fuster Jesus Centella, the woodcarver Francisco Lopez Felipe Pardo i Oltra.