Mass on the first Sunday of Lent 21/02/2021

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The Brotherhood of St. George has prepared the Mass of the first Sunday of Lent.

The Eucharist has been at 18:30 hours of the day 21 February 2021 and has been officiated by Don Ramón Micó Colomer.

We read in the entry warning:

As evening falls on this Sunday, the Brotherhood of San Jorge invites you to open your ears, today we celebrate the first Sunday of Lent, with her we begin the path towards the full light of Easter, that is to say, towards the renewal of the baptismal covenant with God. Let's get ready to live it fully, celebrating this Eucharist with dignity under the constant encouragement of our patron Saint George.

Before the readings we also read:

We begin the liturgy of the Word with the Genesis account where God makes a covenant with Noah, in the second reading of the apostle Saint Peter refers to the patience of God, and in the Gospel of Saint Mark, where Jesus is taken to the desert to be tempted and had the help of his Father symbolized in the angels who served him. Finished the test, Jesus begins his ministry by calling for conversion. Which is an urgent call that the Church makes us today.

The readings have been read by Mari Reme Gil and Macarena Albero. The Psalm sung by M. Jesus Francés and the prayers for M. Dolores Segura.

And before the offering:

With the gifts of bread and wine for the Eucharist, Let us offer the Lord our desire to live this Lent that we began, with a true spirit of conversion.

The wax offering was made by Cristina Ribera and Yolanda Clemente and the Bread and Wine by Vicente Molina and Rosario Martínez.

At all times we have been accompanied by five young musicians who, they have enriched if any more the celebration.