Rdm. Sr. Mico Ramon Colomer, rector of the parish of Sta. María de Banyeres de Mariola (23-04-2020)

Banyeres de Mariola 23 April of the year of grace 2020.

In this year of 2020, when in the whole world we are living this epidemic of covid 19, The Church celebrates with Joy the Martyr Saint George, who was never defeated. Thus we trust that also from the sense of solidarity and responsibility between peoples. We are in full confinement and the celebration of Holy Mass has been without the participation of the people. (Alone before the altar of Saint George) I have celebrated facing the altar of Saint George, at all times I have had in mind all the people of God who have followed the celebration through TV and Radio Banyeres. In the homily I have developed what the image of Saint George means to us, fighting evil and death. Georgos (cultivator), in Arabic Hakir, the invincibilis, the protector. And three aspects of the party. Smoke from factories. Gunpowder smoke. And the smoke from the incense. I have finished by quoting the “words” of the ambassador in his conversion in the Malena: “Ea brave soldiers those who my command governs, come all and prostrate we will give congratulations to this exalted patriarch who has given us the good law and then all with me sing to him with tender voices Long live Saint George and Mary, Jesus and his Holy Church”.
And within the celebration, the appointment of the new board of the Brotherhood of San Jorge has been read, which I have written in a solemn way as long as it remains as testimony, for those who are to come:
In your honor, Kind god, living and true, which has always existed and will exist forever.
In your honor, Jesus Christ God and true man Messiah of the Father, our reconciler and giver of the Holy Spirit who brings us together in the Church, A, Holy and Catholic, Eucaristia Adorable.
In honor of the always glorious Virgin Mary and Virgin of Mercy, head of this parish.
With joy the day of the martyrdom of the undefeated Martyr of charity our patron Saint George and patron of Banyeres de Mariola.
We proclaim our confreres and brothers in the faith as president to Elena Vilanova … i junta durant el proper trienni en aquesta Parròquia Mare de Déu de la Misericòrdia de Banyeres de Mariola i done confirmació de la seua junta
Thank the current President Rafael and his board for all the work done and always keep in mind the gentleman in your life. That cross of sauce at the foot of St. George we can exclaim:
“Not to us, Sir, not to us but only in your name all the glory that in the church of Our Lord we may all be happy.”

You're shaking, to the Patron Saint George!!
Mico Ramon Colomer.