Rdm. Sr. Ramón Mico i Colomer, Rector Cuartell, Fourth and Benavites (04-09-2005)

In Bañeres 4 September 2005

What would be a sun without sun rellontge?
What would Mariola without St. George?
We can not understand who we are and feel without our roots and identity signs. In that 225 anniversary of the arrival of the relic of St. George in bathtubs can not be more than a humble troubadour of Christ and thank him for the great bendicions that God has granted this distinguished and faithful Villa Mariola.
We are a blessed people on the way encounter the risen, how does the April flower nature and break into the party in the victory of Christ risen. How does the month of September, how our fathers before, the grape harvest of Mariola, celebrate the fruits of the blood spilled in the veneration of the relics of St. George.
Let Christ be undefeated Martir claim our lives. And together with his relics could rise again exclaimed Oh Cross, for I am weak strength, are slaughtered for comfort, sad for joy, for all you love.

Ramón Mico
Mosén monkey and Ramon Colomer
Rector Cuartell, Fourth and Benavites.