Rdm. Sr. Josep Miquel Francés (23-04-2007)

Back baths always a joy. But again the day of Sant Jordi, the Passover of the Lord is risen source of immense joy. Today we remember and celebrate the rail Christian and Catholic people of this noble Baths.
The Brotherhood of St. George have the sacred duty to care for them and update them. When everything changes and nothing is stable, faith in Jesus, the example of St. George, the strength that comes through is that his martyrdom should encourage us to keep faithful to our elders.
He sure beneisca, guarde that your love for the Catholic Church and Patron of the festival was by the whole community as air baths that renewed in Spring. With all my affection in the most beautiful village of Mariola.
Josep Miquel Francés, priest
23-Apr 2007