The insignia Chapter of Sant Jordi Almoina de Cavallers del Centenar de la Ploma invites the Confraternity of Sant Jordi to the Act of Oath and Crossing of New Knights, as well as the Imposition of the Alms Crosses of Sant Jordi to people who, for its merits, have been distinguished (18/11/2022)

The Brotherhood of St. George, represented by M. Elena Vilanova Calatayud, Chairwoman, i Macarena Albero Cortés, Secretary, attended the past 18 of November at the solemn swearing-in ceremony of new Knights of the Centenary of the Plum in the church of Sant Joan de la Creu, one of the oldest in the city of Valencia.

The event was chaired by His Excellency. Jaime Sancho Andreu, former rector of the Basilica of the Virgin of the Despairs and Canon of the Cathedral of Valencia assisted by the Superior of the Discalced Carmelite Order Fray Miguel Hernansaiz López.

The Ceremony began with the delivery of the Sant Jordi Alms Crosses, in two categories; Ius Sanguinis and Pro Meritis to those who, for their brilliant career in favor of the Valencian or family bond in the Centenar de la Ploma they are considered worthy of this distinction.


The right of blood

Fertilizers. Mrs. And Teresa Gonzalez Just

Fertilizers. Mrs. At Cristina Aguado Codina

For Merits

Fertilizers. Mrs. Na Clara Perales Obenich

Fertilizers. Mrs. Na Maria Dolores Alfonso Gallent

Fertilizers. Mrs. To Lorena Vila Gómez

Fertilizers. Sr. N'Agustí Zacares Romaguera

Hon. Sr. In Francisco Tarazona Santabalbina

weather. Sr. N'Alfredo Cordón Scharfhausen

Fertilizers. Sr. In Carlos San Juan de Laorden

Fertilizers. Sr. In Joan Sancho and Gea

later, at the investiture of the new Knights, kneeling before God, they swore to defend the Real Senyera, the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Valencia, its language and culture as worthy heirs of the old Valencian Foral Militia. Next, and as established by the tradition of the Chapter, the Lieutenant General of the Centenary, the Mass of the Feast of the Relic has been presided over by the former vicar of our parish. Mr. Bernardo Celda and Muñoz on behalf of S.A.I. i R. N'Andrés Salvador of Habsburg-Lorraine and Salm Salm Archduke of Austria, he drew a cross touching the novice's shoulders and named him Knight.


Father Jorge Rafael Soler y Olmos

Mossen Jean-Philippe Sendat

Monsignor Ivan Alcañiz Master

Father Carlos Fabra Dolz

Monsignor Pedro Antonio Cuesta Tobajas

we will finish, celebrating a Gala Dinner at the Casino d'Agricultura in a toast of honor for all of them.

Orders and Associations that will accompany the Centenary of the Feather in this ceremony:

  • Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher
  • Knights Order Santa María de El Puig
  • Sacred and Military Constantinian Order of Saint George
  • Royal Brotherhood of the Holy Chalice of Valencia
  • Court of the Waters of the Vega de Valencia
  • Royal Academy of Valencian Culture
  • Honorable Clavariesa Festes Vincentines
  • Vincentian Central Board
  • Knights Sworn Saint Vincent
  • College of Silk Art Major
  • Brotherhood of St. George Mariola
  • Home-School Festivities of Sant Bult
  • Knights of the Spanish Cape
  • House of the Valencian Community in Zaragoza
  • Confraternity of Sant Jeroni
  • San Antonio Abbot Brotherhood
  • Infanzones of the Kingdom of Valencia

The Confraternity of Sant Jordi is grateful for the invitation and the attention received by the members of the Centenary of the Ploma and especially to His Excellency. Mr. Bernando Celda Muñoz, Lieutenant General of the Insignia Chapter and his wife Mrs. María José Palacios Zaragozá.