L’il•lustríssim Sr. D. Vicente Pastor Fontestad, will be the Preacher of the Major Mass of the Feast of the Relic

Vicente Fontestad Pastor was born in the Valencian town of Foios in 1957, and received priestly ordination in Montcada in 1981.

Among other responsibilities prior to his appointment in 2009 as Vicar General of the Diocese of Valencia, we can highlight his pastoral work as archpriest of Sagunto, where he also worked as a teaching professor, vicar of the parish of Santa María, as well as parish administrator and rector of Our Lady of Good Success, also in Sagunto, and superior of the "La Inmaculada" Major Seminary, to Montcada, etc.

He extended his studies in Rome. He has a degree in Theology with a specialization in marriage and family from the Pontifical Institute Juan Pablo II in its headquarters in Valencia, He holds a doctorate in Theology in the specialty of marriage and family from the Lateran University of Rome at its central headquarters of the Pontifical Institute Juan Pablo II, with the thesis "Marriage as a permanent sacrament: meaning and value of a theological development». It also holds the title of Ecclesiastical Declaration of Suitability, what, alongside the degree in Theology, empowers him to teach the Catholic Religion in secondary and high schools.

His extensive educational preparation has led him to be a guest professor at the Pontifical Institute Juan Pablo II and at the Catholic University Sant Vicent Mártir de Valencia. He is also a professor at the Sant Vicent Ferrer Faculty of Theology in the Valencian capital.

He is currently Vicar General – Moderator of the Curia and Treasurer, vice-president and director of the Diocesan Institute of Religious Sciences of Valencia and canon of the Holy Metropolitan Cathedral Church of Valencia.

He has several publications such as "The development of sacramental theology and its impact on marriage" of which he is co-author with Juan Miguel Díaz Rodelas, Rafael Calatayud Gascó and Joaquín Pascual Torró; and has also published "Credere et celebrés", a tribute to Professor Emilio Aliaga Girbés.