Christmas Greeting and Calendar 2023

The Board of Directors of the Brotherhood of St. George congratulates its members, col·workers and all the residents of Banyeres de Mariola, the Christmas festivities, Holy Family, New Year and Kings.

Likewise, he informs his brothers that they will soon receive the new calendar for the year 2023, sponsored as in previous years by the local company Albero Forte Composite, S.L. (Plastic Forte).

On this occasion the image of Sant Jordi chosen is, a watercolor·the property of the Brotherhood of Sant Jordi, acquired in May 1991 to its author, the Alcoy painter D. Rafael Guarinos Blanes, 1928-2016, known as the island·polisher of the Party. Painter, who wins this award for the second time - he got it in, the·polisher and poster artist, he was artistic advisor of the Sant Jordi d'Alcoi Association for almost twenty years, becoming an honorary councilor of this institution. Stand out as excel·slow portrait painter, still lifes and figurative landscapes and participated in numerous exhibitions with·classes and individuals in different cities of the province. His works have been a valuable contribution to the artistic heritage of Moorish and Christian festivals, and is considered one of the artists who revolutionized the aesthetics of the party during the second half of the 20th century.

The work is hung on the wooden panel of the boisery in the hall of the Headquarters of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi. This represents Sant Jordi on a horse, throwing to the dragon and in the background the Tower of Homage of our Castle.

In the calendar, public holidays are in red and in blue are the days designated for the Confraternity of Sant Jordi. All monthly Masses will be held at 20:00 h in the Parish of Our Lady of Mercy, saving that of 23 of September which is planned to be held at 19:00 h in the Ermita de Sant Jordi.

The Board of Directors of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi is extremely grateful to the local company Albero Forte Composite, S.L. sponsoring next year's calendar 2023. With this gesture they allow Sant Jordi to arrive at the brothers' house. We also thank them for the relationship that has united us during these three years that we have been at the head of this organization.

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