Christmas Greeting and Calendar 2022


The Board of Directors of the Brotherhood of St. George congratulates its members, col·workers and all neighbors, the Christmas festivities, Holy Family, New Year and Kings.

He also informs his confreres that the new calendar for the year has already been sent to them 2022, sponsored as in previous years by the local company Albero Forte Composite, S.l. (Forte plastic).

This time the image of St. George chosen, is an oil painting of 40 cm for 60 cm, on a cotton canvas with the measurements of 43 cm for 63 cm, representing St. George fighting the dragon. The original work is located in the Church of San Blaise in Cusco, to Peru.

Pictorial work with the image of Saint George that predominates and occupies almost the entire canvas, represented the Saint on horseback in a rampant and elevated position on the dragon to which he is about to throw. The key feature, and what makes this work unique is its origin. Doncs es tracta d’una obra d’estil cusqueny, of marked colonial influence, in the style of Peru, where it originated and whose uniqueness lies in the embossed decorations in golden tones.

This work was donated to the Brotherhood of St. George, by José Antonio Blanes Verdú on 5 June 2009, after traveling to Peru. It is currently uploaded to the Archive of the Cathedral.

On the calendar, are in blue on the days marked for the Brotherhood of St. George and as in the last edition, Mass days have been added for the passing of the Brotherhood as the day passes 23 of each month, on the fourth Saturday of each month.

From here we want to thank the invaluable cabbage·laboració de la família Albero Forte, in our task of continuing to expand the dissemination of the iconography of St. George and the devotion that our people feel towards our Patron.

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