Christmas Greeting and Calendar 2021


The Board of Directors of the Brotherhood of St. George congratulates its members, col·workers and all the neighbors the Christmas of 2020 with the following congratulation:



He also informs his confreres that the new calendar for the year has already been sent to them 2021, patrocinat com en anys anteriors per l’empresa local Albero Forte Composite, S.l. (Plastic Forte).

On this occasion, an image of St. George on horseback and fighting the dragon has been used. This is an icon of Thessalonica (Greece), ceded by the neighbor of our village R.B.B..

In blue are the days marked for the Brotherhood of St. George and in this edition have been added the days of Mass for the deceased of the Brotherhood, that pass of the day 23 of each month, on the fourth Saturday of each month.

We would like to thank both of them for their invaluable cabbage·collaboration in our task of continuing to expand the dissemination of the iconography of St. George and the devotion that our people feel towards our Patron.

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