Jury decision – and with it we will celebrate our beloved Moors and Christians Feasts in honor of our Patron Saint George 2022

The 13 d'abril, the jury of the II Sant Jordi Brotherhood Drawing Contest met 2022, formed by president, secretary and two drawing technicians of the Board of Directors of the Brotherhood. Once the different envelopes with the drawings are opened, and classified by categories, its artistic and compositional revision proceeded.
In this edition, a total of 24 drawings and we must highlight the great work done by all the boys and girls. His drawings show a great knowledge of Sant Jordi, of our Festivities and of our town. The work of his parents in order to keep the devotion to Patrón Sant Jordi alive is thus evident.

Totes les obres quedaren exposades als panels de l’entrada dels locals de catequesi.

The 23 of April the president of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi, M. Elena Vilanova Calatayud, telefonava als guanyadors/es del II Concurs de Dibuix per comunicar-los el seu guardó.
We highlight the great work done by each and every one of the boys and girls who have participated in the contest:


Carmen Molina S., Adrián Reche Sempere, Noelia Ribera Sanz, Daniel Reche Sempere, Juan Ortuño Martínez, Enzo Martínez Calero i Pol Puig Molina.



Aleix Puig Molina, Angela Segura and Valero, Candela Ramírez Calabuig, Jordi Garrido García, Beltrán Bodí Pascual, Malena Segura i Valero, Joana Francés Gil, Irune Martínez Calero i Noa Herrero Cerdá.



Vicente Ortuño Martínez, Gerard Segura i Valero, Luna Clemente Micó, Júlia Domenech Beneyto, Blanca Martínez Ribera i Anaís Martínez Ortuño.



Aitana Silvestre Castelló i Pablo Navarro Sanchís.