Donated by Antonio Reig Gisbert 01/10/2020

El confrare Antonio Reig Gisbert dona a la Confraria de Sant Jordi un joc de tassa i plat de desdejuni de porcellana amb un gravat de Sant Jordi i signat per Jorge Blessed, gifted to his Christian Captaincy. A clip from the newspaper Information of the day 10 January 1993 which refers to the Hermitage of the Conjurer. A cut from the ribbon that was cut at the inauguration of the Ermita de Sant Jordi in May 1990. I un facsímil de The Asociation Charitable Sant Jorge of theedition of 1994.

The Brotherhood is grateful for their contribution to the archive of the Brotherhood, which helps us magnify the same, with the contributions of all and sundry.