Crònica Festes de Sant Jordi 22-25/04/2021


The 20 In February, the Ordinary Meeting of the Sant Jordi Festivities Committee was held by videoconference, with the intention of assessing the situation of the festivities of Moors and Christians of Sant Jordi 2021. It was unanimously decided to suspend the festivities. The Sant Jordi Festivals Committee together with our Brotherhood made a joint statement informing of the decision and that, moreover, the Confraría de Sant Jordi would carry out the celebration of the religious events.
The Parróquia de la Mare de Déu de la Misericòrdia and the Board of Directors of the Brotherhood of Saint George decided to issue tickets for all the religious celebrations of the Feasts of Saint George 2021. The Banyeres de Mariola Council had abolished the two local public holidays of 22 i 23 d'abril, so, the Major Mass was celebrated at 19:30 h. Javier Puig Miró, member of the Board of Directors designed the tickets for each celebration.

From Monday 12 of April, the protocol group was organized to prepare the tickets and distribute them for each celebration, from the Transfer Mass, until the last Mass of the Octavari, passing through the Musical Days. Ticket pickup locations were, in the morning at Casa Abadia and in the evening at the Headquarters of the Brotherhood. It is necessary to point out the great reception, as there were queues of people at Casa Abadia.
The evening of the day 19 of April, the sergeants and presidents of the different troupes and musical organizations brought the corresponding flags to the Parish Temple.


At the end of the evening, we will proceed to the descent of the image of Sant Jordi from the hermitage to the Parish Temple. A group had just finished organizing the temple, while another lowered the image surrounded by plastic and umbrellas due to the light rain.

He went down quietly to the Parish Temple. We remember that we were in a state of alarm and with restrictions. The image of Sant Jordi was entered into the Parish Temple through Carrer Sant Jordi.

Meanwhile, another group removed and also covered with plastic the steps of the image of Sant Jordi through the door of the chapel and entered the temple through the main door. Inside, the people in charge of the previous meeting were waiting for us to explain and give us instructions on how to set up and·place the image of Sant Jordi on its steps. They were very intense and very intimate moments. We were also accompanied by the president of the comparsa Cristians, Angela Carrillo Calatayud.

Little by little, and among all, the Parish Temple we were decorating it to celebrate the feast of Sant Jordi Mártir. For all the celebrations, the members of the board had spread out around the entrances to the doors, so much for collecting tickets, how to pass college·lecta at the exits of the temple and the disinfection of the pews.


Wednesday morning 21 of April and on the initiative of the presidents of the troupes, they brought floral centers to the Parish Temple as an offering to our Patron. It should be noted that the ribbons of each of them represented the colors of each row. The Banyeres de Mariola Musical Society and the "La Nova" Musical Group also joined this initiative. At 20:00 h d. Ramón Micó Colomer officiated the Mass of the Transfer of Sant Jordi. The High Altar was really beautiful. At a glance you could see the devotion that the town of Banyeres de Mariola has to our undefeated Patron Sant Jordi. Francis Blanes accompanied us on the organ.


On Thursday 22 d'abril, d. Ramón Micó Colomer had arranged for the Parish Temple to have its doors open. Let's see cabbage·place a grill and some planters so that all those who wanted to make a floral offering to our Patrón could deposit the flowers.

At 20:00 h celebràrem Primeres Vespres a Sant Jordi Màrtir i res de l’Àngelus.


Friday 23 of April there was a general ringing of bells in the 7:30 h. Then and throughout the day d. Ramón Micó Colomer officiated the following masses, 8:00 h, 9:00 h, 11:00 h, 18:30 h i 19:30 h Missa Solemne, to which the members of the Board of Directors of the Brotherhood collected tickets, we distributed prints of the Gojos, proclaim with the readings, we gathered the cabbage·we read and disinfected the benches of the Parish Temple. The Relic of Sant Jordi Mártir also presided over all the celebrations.

This year the 75th Anniversary was commemorated (1946-2021) de la donació de les imatges dels Sant Jordiet a les filaes per part de d. Gregorio Molina Ribera, so, we have edited the print of Gojos al Gloriós Mártir Sant Jordi with the image of a Sant Jordiet.

At noon he made us arrive d. Vicente Calatayud Sempere, president of the company Entex Textil, S.L. from Valdemoro (Madrid), through his nephew, Jorge Sempere Calatayud, red masks with the blank image of Sant Jordi throwing the dragon, that they had made, with the intention that we will distribute them among all those attending the celebration of the Solemn Mass on the day of the feast of Sant Jordi. We appreciate this valuable gesture.

The celebration of the Solemn Mass was presided over by Father d. Vicente Esplugues Ferrero, (sacerdot missioner del “Verbum Dei” i actualment vicari de la “Parroquia Nuestra Señora de las Américas”, in Madrid and with roots in Banyeres de Mariola) together with the priests d. Vicente Ferri and d. Ramón Mico, priest of our parish, and the deacon d. It was broadcast by Intercomarcal television, tvA, and through the Facebook channel of Ràdio Banyeres de Mariola. Les lectures van ser proclamades per la presidenta de la filà Estudiants, imma altabert, and that of the Moros Nous line, M. aurora pascual, the Psalm sung by the Mariola Choir, the prayers read by Macarena Albero and the Gospel by the deacon. The acolytes were Antonio Sempere and Rafael Ferre and the catechesis boys and girls.

At the end of the celebration d. Ramón Micó addressed a few words of thanks to d. Vicente Esplugues and invited him to participate with him in the blessing of the wristbands that the Board of the Brotherhood had prepared.

Once the Eucharistic celebration is over, they went to the headquarters of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi, d. Vincent Esplugues Ferrero, the mayor d. Josep Sempere and Castellón, and the president of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi M. Elena Vilanova Calatayud, to proceed with the act of signing the organization's Golden Book by the invited rector. They were waiting for us there. Ramón Micó i la Junta Directiva de la Confraria de Sant.

After stamping the signature in the Golden Book, we presented it with an engraving of the Sant Jordi Script by local artist Manuel Granado.


The 24 in April, we were given the witness to prepare the tablecloths for the cemetery altar for the celebration of the Holy Mass at the expense of all the deceased, María Dolores Belda Calabuig, "Lolita Belda", testimony that Josefina Blanes Sanjuán confided in him a few years ago. We appreciate the silent laundry service, emmidone, iron and cabbage·locar so that everything was ready every day 25 of April that two women have dispensed, together with their respective families, in the Confraternity of Sant Jordi and in the village of Banyeres de Mariola.


At the end of the celebration, the preacher will sign the Golden Book of the Brotherhood of St. George at the headquarters of the entity. 25 in April the meeting of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi we organized the 3 masses that d. Ramón Micó Colomer celebrated in the central area of ​​the Municipal Cemetery. The capacity was 150 people, despite being outdoors. The City Council provided us with the same number of chairs and also the fences that col·location to control access, offer disinfectant gel, collect the tickets and organize the exits so that the faithful can go without agglomerations. We will also set up a stall with items from our catalog at the entrance to the cemetery.

For two of the three Eucharistic celebrations held on the morning of 25 of April at the cemetery, we will distribute the proclamation of the readings and the psalm among the members of the board of directors. There were masses in the timetables of 9:00 i 10:30 h in the cemetery, doing the homily for this the deacon d. Rodrigo Ferre Bodí. Like every year, d. Ramón Micó officiated the mass at the Ermita del Sant Crist on this occasion at 9:45 h. At 12:00 h the celebration of the Solemn Mass was attended by the civil authorities and the party world, captains and flags, Moro and Christian ambassadors, presidents and presidents, commissioners of all rows.

On the initiative and offer of the president of the Musical Group "La Nova", Bartolomé French Ferre, we were accompanied in this celebration by a group of 14 musicians and their director Antonio Lillo Pérez, enriching the liturgical celebration with the pieces performed.

D Ramón Micó Colomer es revestia amb la casulla blanca de Sant Jordi, to meet in the liturgical time of Easter. The proclaimed readings were given by the presidents of the Maseros line, Victor Belda and that of Morocco, begona cortes. As is customary on this day we will draw a picture with the image of Sant Jordi. On this occasion we chose a framed engraving from the Sant Jordi Script. L’agraciat fou el confrare Jorge Antonio Payá Molina.

At the end of the last cemetery celebration and returning everything we had used to its place, we will share a brotherhood lunch at the Venta el Borrego restaurant. At 18:30 h in the Parish Temple d. Ramón Micó officiated the last Eucharistic celebration of 25 d'abril.


Octavari Masses at our Patrón Sant Jordi, were held at 20:00 h weekdays, and the weekend at 18:00 h. The first benches were reserved for the respective captains and flags and for their boards of directors. They were the members of the rows, of the musical organizations and the Brotherhood of Sant Jordi convened there, those who proclaimed the readings and the psalm. Francis Blanes Sempere or Miquel Payà Molina accompanied us on the organ for all the celebrations. Throughout the week, the Board of Directors will set up a stall with items from our catalog at the entrance to the Parish Temple.


El cap de setmana de l’1 i 2 May i després de les respectives misses de l’Octavari a Sant Jordi, at the Parish Temple of Our Lady of Mercy, the XLI Musical Days of the Octavari of Sant Jordi took place. The edition was repeated, since last year and due to the pandemic they had to be suspended. The groups chosen for each day were the SMI Santa Cecília de Cullera Symphony Orchestra and the Sant Yago de Valencia University Choir. Both delighted us with the pieces chosen for their performances.


The day 8 May them 20:00 h d. Ramón Micó Colomer officiated the mass of the transfer of Sant Jordi to the Parish Temple. The readings and the psalm were proclaimed by the following members of the board of directors: Javier Puig looked at the First, Jorge Silvestre Beneyto the psalm, the Second Macarena Albero Cortés and the prayers the granddaughter of the captain of the Filà Estudiants, Aroa Sanjuán Perez. At the end we will sing the Hymn to Sant Jordi accompanied by Francis Blanes Sempere on the organ and from the dome Antonio Sempere Beneyto, Maria Vilanova Clemente, M. Pilar Clemente Conejo and José Belda Bodí threw a large bouquet of multi-colored roses into the presbytery, exciting all of us gathered there.

At the end of the celebration, the preacher will sign the Golden Book of the Brotherhood of St. George at the headquarters of the entity. 9 May a primera hora, we will remove from the high altar the steps of the image of Sant Jordi from the hermitage and the col·we will rent to his cambril. We will also remove the canopy and curtains and leave them back in place. After all the Eucharistic celebrations in the morning, all the members of the board of directors met again in the Parish Church to move the image of Sant Jordi to its chapel.

Before we were able to venerate our Patron guided by d. Mico Ramon Colomer. He gave us a few moments of reflection and intimacy with the Saint, thanking us for our service and dedication to the town and the parish community. The line of students, he gave us the directions of his Sant Jordiet and M. Ángeles Sanjuan Albero com a membre de la capitania de la Filà Estudiants i membre de la junta directiva de la Confraria, he decorated them with red flowers.

The image carried on the shoulders by four members of the board of directors, he left through the main door of the temple accompanied by a general ringing of bells, applause from the rest of the members of the board and from the people who were surprised at that moment in the Plaza Mayor. Al llarg del carrer Sant Jordi els membres de la junta vam anar intercanviant-se, since we all wanted to be bearers of the image of our Patron.

Once we left the image in his hermitage we said goodbye with the hope that the year 2022 we can make the transfer with all the solemnity it requires and that we so desire.