Chronicle Celebrations of the Relic 04-05/09/2021


The 8 of July se celebrà una Junta Ordinària de la Comissió de Festes de Sant Jordi, with the intention of assessing the situation of the Feasts of the Relic of St. George 2021. Then the commission and confraternity issued a joint statement signed by the presidents of the two entities and informed of the suspension of the Festes de la Relíquia de Sant Jordi 2021 and that the Confraternity of Sant Jordi would carry out the celebration of the religious events.

The days before the celebration of the festival of La Relíquia, the Board of Directors will meet to prepare and organize the religious events. The day 2 September in the Parish Temple we left the canopy up, curtains, wooden reliquary and supports for the flags of the processions and musical entities. The day 3 September the High Altar and the Altar of Sant Jordi were decorated with floral garlands. As for the religious celebrations of Sant Jordi in the month of April, we will distribute tickets to control the capacity of the Parish Temple.

To commemorate the 241st anniversary of the arrival of the Holy Relic of Sant Jordi Martir in Banyeres de Mariola, la junta directiva de la Confraria de Sant Jordi editàrem l’Himne a Sant Jordi Màrtir en format de paleta-ventall. The image used is a watercolor·that of the Relic and reliquary, painted by Manuel Granado and owned by the Brotherhood. We also published a booklet to follow the service of Solemn First Vespers.

Saturday evening 4 September, va haver-hi dues celebracions al Temple Parroquial, one at 18:00 h and the other at 20:00 h, presided over by the Relic of Sant Jordi. In this last d. Ramón Micó dressed in Sant Jordi's raincoat in order to officiate the First Solemn Vespers in Sant Jordi Mártir. Sitting on stools in front of the first benches, and towards the High Altar, they were d. Ramón Mico, the acolytes boys and girls, Antonio Pastor, Toni Sempere and Rafael Ferre. They were already in the banks·located the civil and party authorities, part of the Board of Directors of the Brotherhood, Mayorals of Sant Jordi, captains, bandereres, presidents and presidents of the parades and of the musical entities, commissioners, Moorish and Christian ambassadors and faithful until the capacity is complete. The Mariola Choir and a group of musicians accompanied us for the celebration. At the end of the celebration the secretary, Macarena Tree, named Lolita Belda and her husband, while the president accompanied them to the chairs they had prepared in the presbytery. The secretary addressed a few words of thanks for the years dedicated to preparing the tablecloths for the altar of the Mass at the Cemetery every 25 of April and the president presented him with an engraving of the Sant Jordi Script. The board of directors participated by proclaiming the readings and the psalm, collecting tickets, handing out the paddles-fans with the Anthem, First Vespers booklet and disinfecting the temple. We will also set up a stall at the gate of the Parish Church, with articles from our catalog and lottery for the Christmas draw.

On Sunday 5, Feast of the Relic, there were four Eucharistic celebrations: 8:00 h, 10:00 h, 11:30 h Solemn Missa i 19:00 h. For all celebrations we will be guided by the same protocol as in First Vespers. In addition to distributing the palette-fan of the Hymn to Sant Jordi at all Eucharists, Miguel Albero Picó, graphic arts retiree, he printed for the last time in his printing house located in Biar, a run of prints and fan palettes with an image of Sant Jordi. Following your wish, we gave them to all those attending the Solemn Mass. On the back of the postcard there is: "oil on copper by F. sanchez monzo, surrendered, with pleasure, by Vincent Pérez. Gift from the old Albero Printing House, S.L. in the Confraternity of Sant Jordi, stamped, at the end of January 1999. 2to Stamping and, last, in 2021 with owner's permission". We feel fully grateful for your valuable gesture.

For the Sunday Solemn Mass of the Relic of Saint George, the board of the Brotherhood invited d. Pablo Sanchis Cano, vicar of the Parish of Sant Josep d'Ontinyent, to preach and preside over the celebration. Together with him they concelebrated d. Ramón Micó Colomer and the Deacon d. Rodrigo Ferre Bodí. They also helped in the Rafael Ferre Eucharist, Toni Sempere and First Communion boys and girls acolytes. For the celebration, the officiant was dressed in the ensemble of Sant Jordi's red chasuble. La Primera i Segona Lectura eren proclamades respectivament per un membre de la Filà Contra-bandistes, Alicia Jimenez Torres, and Filà Pirates, José Antonio Segura Beneyto, the psalm sung by the Mariola Choir and the musicians who accompanied them, the Gospel for the deacon and the prayers for Macarena Albero Cortés. Tot va ser retransmés en directe pel canal de Facebook de Ràdio Banyeres de Mariola i per Intercomarcal Televisió.

After the Eucharist and in the courtyard of Casa Abadia, the pyrotechnics contracted by the City Council set off a great mascletada.

Then they came unaccompanied, the mayor, the preacher and the president, at the Headquarters of the Brotherhood, because d. Pablo Sanchis Cano will sign the organization's Golden Book. They waited there, the Board of Directors of the Brotherhood, the Majorals of Sant Jordi and d. Mico Ramon Colomer

After signing the Golden Book, the president presented the preacher, with an engraving of the Script of Sant Jordi and said goodbye to all those present in the hope that for the festivities of Sant Jordi de 2022, the health crisis there is a remedy.

We feel hopeful to organize the religious events of the Moors and Christians festivities in Honor of Sant Jordi Mártir 2022 so that the people of Banyeres de Mariola can share and enjoy them in harmony.

Vítol to our Patron Saint George