Insignia members of the Board

In the 4th General Assembly of the Guild of St. George, was unanimously approved badge that identifies members of the Board of the Brotherhood.

The standard includes elements that identify the essence and the raison d'être of the Brotherhood: in downtown St. George; at the bottom at the foot of St., a view of our village Mariola; in the background the cross of St. George, as a sign of his martyrdom and efforts and service that the Board does for the greater glory of St. George and our people; Around the whole legend "Brotherhood of St. George Mariola" that identifies; closing the perimeter of a small border decorative ornaments and enriches the whole.

The new logo can only be used by members of the Board that are active members, or members who have been part of previous Boards, and only acts that were recognized as Board.

The new badge is available to all members of the Boards, actives o no, the Brotherhood that require this.