Children Conte

The day 5 d'April 2009, Palm Sunday, on the eve of the festivities, This book was presented at the Teatro Principal. This is a version of the famous legend of St. George and written by Vicent Berenguer Clara, il·pictures of Josep Miquel Martinez.

The text is fast and entertaining and tries to combine traditional legend adapted to our immediate environment: bathtubs, Serrella and Mariola. the he·illustrations reflect it similarly: are known corners of the town, such as the Plaza Mayor, castle, Tower Good Source or views reminiscent engraving Cavanilles, o una altra més actual des del tossal de l’Àguila amb les orenetes al fons com anunci de la primavera.

It is a version of the classic legend that brings the little ones from a closer. The Brotherhood tried to promote this publication, as well as honor those who are named Jordi, encourage increase as the number of Jordi future generations of young.

The edition was in charge of the Brotherhood of St. George, with the support of the City of bathtubs and other businesses.

first edition: April 2009
Edita: Brotherhood of St. George Mariola
Adapters text: Revert Clara Berenguer and Berenguer Vicente Micó
The·illustrations: Josep Miquel Martinez Ferre
Printing and binding: Colorgraf Albaida, SL. (Valencia)
binding: Cartoné has quatricromia, loin cloth in red with silver hot stamping title.
No.. pages: 32 two guards
measure: 22 x 22 cm
Legal deposit: V-1192-2009
ISBN: 84-613-0593-3
Printed in Spain / European union