Municipal act sol·bidding for the canonical proclamation of St. George as patron saint of the town

Banyeres de Mariola City Council

Extraordinary session 8 Mayo 1927
-city ​​Hall-
D. Remigio Torró Silvestre
D. José Esteve point
D. Desiderio Miró Berenguer
D. José Jover Llópis
D. Francisco Castelló Vañó
D. Celestine Iron
D. Ribera José Mora
D. Simeon Domenech Belda
D. Miguel Esteban Sempere
– Town clerk-:
D. Rafael Pastor Barber
D. Juan Gerardo Aleixandre
D. Emilio Ribera Berenguer
D. Valero Carbonell Vañó
-Municipal court-
D. Jose R. Vilanova Torró
D. José García Llorca
D. Primitivo Torres Plan
-Civil Guard Post Command-
D. Juan E. Rodriguez
-Official representation personalities-
D. José value Amoros (Notary)
D. Grifols José Catalá (Doctor)
D. Juan Vicente Pastor Ferre (Id.)
D. José Tortosa (National teacher)
D. Alfonso Iniesta ( Id. Id)
D. Jose Antonio Luna (Pharmaceutical)
D. Rafael Perez (Mail administrator)
D. Jose Meseguer (Chief Telegraph)
D. Mateo Romero (Veterinarian)
D. Vicente Sempere (Practicing)
D. Guillermo Miró ( Id.)
D. Victorian nicasio (President Society La Protectora)
D. Evaristo Domenech (Irrigation Union President)

In the town hall houses of the town of Bañeres, being twenty on the eighth of May, nineteen hundred twenty-seven, under the presidency of Mr.. D. Remigio Torró Silvestre, First Deputy Mayor and acting as constitutional Mayor, met in a magna and extraordinary session previously convened for this purpose, the lords of the Town Hall, Reverend Clergy and personalities of official representation who on the sidelines express themselves, in order to deal with matters of interest related to the religious feelings of the population.
Session open and order of Mr.. President, read by the undersigned Secretary to an instance signed by the Vicar of this parish, Don Emilio Berenguer Ribera, in which as Priest and son of this town, expresses his love and enthusiasm for the glories and traditions of the town of Bañeres, that since time immemorial it celebrates with rejoicing public celebrations in honor of its Excellency Patron Saint George the Martyr and in view of the fact that said Patronage lacks the official character attributed to it, which he considers beneficial and convenient to Christianity, interest of the gathered gentlemen, remember to impetrate S.S. Pope, the pontifical declaration of the aforementioned Patronage of Saint George the Martyr, in favor of this town of Bañeres.
The corporation, Authorities and people attending the event, aware of the writing read and penetrated in the matter in the same sense as the proposing Vicar, given their deep-rooted feelings and religious convictions, at the same time that for their love for the people who saw them born and the non-natives of this, they feel that way, agree unanimously to comply with the petitioner's wishes and consequently, request from S. S. Pope, the granting and Pontifical declaration of the Patronage in question, empowering Mr.. Mayor and Reverend Clergy, so that, prior to the legal formalities and indispensable requirements, they instruct the appropriate proceedings and elevate the file with the necessary documents in request of said grace..
And fulfilling the object of the call, the meeting adjourned at 1:30 PM, of all of which I the Secretary of the City Council, certify.

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