News in the newspaper Crónica de Banyeres – May 2022


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The Patron in the Plaza Mayor during the transfer, after the ‘return to the Castle’.


Sant Jordi ja està en la seua ermita fins a l’any que ve

The Moorish and Christian festivities ended the day 7 May, Saturday, with the Transfer of the Image of Saint George from the Parish Temple to its hermitage. The event brought together authorities, Brotherhood of St. George, Party Committee, captains, Flags, Presidents and Sergeants of the ten party ranks and numerous faithful, who took part in the event in procession with the accompaniment of the bands of the Societat Musical Banyeres de Mariola and the Agrupació Musical la Nova. After the release of the image of the Church, carried by members of the Christian row and volunteer partygoers from other ranks, the procession followed the traditional route of the "return to the castle" through the streets Àngel Torró, Sant Jaume, Philip IV and Carrer Major, passage through the Plaça Major and then along Carrer Sant Jordi, until you reach the hermitage. Once there, in the presence of a large audience, a castle of fireworks was fired. Then the members of the Brotherhood of St. George went col·place the image of the Patron on the altar of the hermitage.