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Called for the III Festive Drawing Contest organized by the Sant Jordi Brotherhood

The Confraternity of Sant Jordi has called the Third Festival Drawing Competition that is organized on the occasion of the upcoming Moors and Christians festivals. The competition is aimed at boys and girls studying at Kindergarten levels, Primary and Secondary. The theme will be exclusively about the Patrón Sant Jordi in the village and the creativity and originality of the works will be valued. Participants will have freedom of procedure and plastic technique as long as it does not present reproduction difficulties. The format can be vertical or horizontal and the paper size will be at least A4.

The drawings will be presented without signing and will be identified with a title or slogan. They will be accompanied by a closed envelope affixed to the back with the title or motto appearing on the outside. The author's name and surname will be stated inside, date of birth, home address, phone number and school year. The prizes will be unique according to the following groups: Childhood education, 1r and 2nd of Primary, 3r and 4th of Primary, 5é i 6é de Primària, 1r and 2nd of Secondary School and 3rd and 4th of Secondary School. The works must be deposited at the headquarters of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi or by contacting via Instagram or Facebook on the days 24 i 26 March (friday and sunday), in schedule of 19,30 a 21,00 i d’11,30 a 13,00 hours.

The result of the contest will be communicated by telephone to the winners on the day 23 d'abril. later, it will be published on the official accounts of the Brotherhood in social networks. The rules of the competition can be consulted in full on the website of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi.