Chronicle of the Holidays 2019 – Party Program 2020


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Chronicle of the Holidays 2019 – Party Program 2020

Miguel Martínez Sempere
Official Party Chronicler


Our Moors and Christians festivals have always been celebrated and continue to be carried out under a purely democratic scheme; They were born from the people and popular opinion has always been taken into account, based at all times on the spirit for which they were created..

For centuries they have been celebrated year after year without interruption.; except for some from the thirties of the last 20th century.

The chronicler's obligation is to record their development., so on this occasion we are going to leave written different agreements taken by the City Council, that appear in municipal minutes over the years, as, although the festeros are independent, The City Council has sponsored them and continues to do so to this day..

These are the municipal agreements that appear in the different minutes of the Municipal Corporation.

23-8-1863.- It is remembered for the good celebration of the festivities of our Patron Saint George, appoint a party board composed of … a total of nine people whose names are detailed and who all accept the position. We are facing what we know today as the Festival Commission.

20-1-1867.- Then, the liquidation of the expenses and alms that occurred during the Patron's festivities of this San Jorge village, in the years 1865 Y 1866.

29-3-1869.- They presented themselves to the Municipal Corporation Nicolás Botella Martí and Miguel Sempere Vañó, this neighborhood, stating that having news that for This year new ambassadors were to enter San Jorge to do the embassies, they compromise, salvo unforeseen event to serve four more years in office without no retribution. (In fact, this year she was an ambassador Christian Dionisia Ribera, mother of D. Gregorio Molina).

2-4-1877.- It was agreed to appoint a preacher for the party from San Jorge to D. Daniel Valls, Agres cure.

12-8-1877.- It is agreed to celebrate the feast of the Holy Relic as is verified every year by the first sunday in september, entrusting the oratory to Mr. Joaquín Miralles Silvestre.

26-8-1877.- He was appointed depositary of the funds of San Jorge to councilor Don Rafael Mora.

18-8-1878.- He was appointed depositary of the funds of the Saint George D pattern. Juan Bautista Berenguer Roses for the fiscal year.

7-5-1882.- He exposed himself to the corporation that had been created in this town a music called Santa Cecilia, realizing its Regulations to your approval…(It is the one known for the Nova. In 1840 La Primitiva was born, popularly known as La Vella. We have no evidence of its creation because the municipal acts begin on 1.861).

6-4-1884.- He noticed an instance signed by the Captain of the Comparsa of Christians in which he said that for the feast of Saint George the Martyr, Patron of this villa, requested the appropriate permission to celebrate in the present year, in the days and in the way they had the above, the traditional festivities…. City Hall ordered to submit it to the ratification of the Honorable. Sr. Governor Civil of the province.

13-4-1884.- The Civil Government responds by approving the celebration of the parties.

7-6-1885.- It was approved to pay the expenses for the sermon of the last day of the Patron Saint George.

16-9-1885.- Taking into account that due to the circumstances health reasons, the Relic festivities were suspended (had suffered from morbid-Asian cholera), he remembered that its celebration would take place on the days 27 Y 28 of September.

21-4-1893.- It is agreed to order the fireworks display of the festivities of San Jorge, to the pyrotechnician of the Ollería D. Jose Vidal, and for the preaching of the sermon from the day of Saint George to the priest of Alcoy D. Tomás Aracil.

9-2-1902.- To organize the celebrations of the current year in honor of Saint George and tested the corresponding program, A commission was appointed consisting of D. Remigio Torró Silvestre, D. Francisco Vicente Belda and D. Miguel Sempere Vañó.

2-4-1913.- It was agreed that on the occasion of the next celebrations in honor of Saint George the Martyr that will be held the days of 22 al 25 of the current month, alms were distributed to the local poor worth eighty pesetas.

15-7-1916.- A Royal Decree of the Presidency was read of the Council of Ministers, through which changes the name of Bathtubs to Bathtubs.

18-5-1925.- The expenses of the celebration were approved the festivities in honor of Saint George the Martyr, that took place the days 22, 23, 24 Y 25 of April, whose amount was 467,66 pesetas.

8-5-1927.- The session opens with the presence of the Corporation Municipal, parish clergy and other neighbors and by unanimously agreeing to request S.S. the Pope the concession Pontifical declaration of the Patronage of Saint George in Banyeres, uploading the necessary documents in request of said grace.

As we know, patronage was canonically declared.

And after these historical notes, We go on to detail the development of our festivities of the year 2019.


Saturday, 19 from January

At 12:00 h, met in the Plenary Hall of the City Council, the qualifying jury of the Holiday Poster Contest in its XXIV edition, composed of the following people: Josep Sempere and Castellón, mayor president; Fernando Sempere Huertas, party president; Ferrero Vicente Molina, member of the Valencian Culture Council; Just Garrido Aracil and Javier Puig Miró, designers; Cristóbal Aguiló Domínguez, winner of the last edition and the secretary Emilio Doménech Valor, to proceed to its ruling.

After examining the twelve works presented, eight were discarded., and of the remaining four, four were selected and awarded the following prizes: First prize, poster announcing the festivities and cover for the program of the work “Face to face”, by Vicent Ramón Pascual and Giner de Bocairent, going on to award the award to the best local artist that was awarded to Leonardo Ferre Albero for his work "The knight in arms fou lo fenix".


Friday, 22 February

In the Principal exhibition hall with the presence of the authorities and the party world, the exhibition of party posters was inaugurated, submitted to this year's contest, whose failure we mentioned previously, mediating the parliaments and congratulations to the participants, by President Fernando Sempere, of the mayor of festivals Ignacio Ferre and by Mr.. Mayor Josep Sempere who closed the event, thus leaving the exhibition open to the public.


Sunday, 3 of March

At 18:00 h, at the Principal Theater, The prizes for the drawing and writing contests corresponding to the festivities of 2018, for which event the show by Luis Beviá called Magical Bubbles was featured.. Each and every one of the winners was presented with a diploma. The event was presented by Sonia Beneyto Ferre and Conxi Garrido Sempere.


Sunday, 10 of March

At the Principal Theater, The festival program was presented 2019 through a video with its content, which was narrated by the members of the Editorial Team, prior to which President Fernando Sempere spoke a few words in which, in addition to greeting the world of the present party, thanked the program's writing team for the great work carried out for its edition. The aforementioned video revealed the main content of the publication, drawing attention among other things to the photograph on the back cover, since it is Sant Jordi “the old man” which disappeared during the civil war and of which we only knew the replica dated in 1802 that conserves a family. Also highlight the great photographic contribution that this edition of our party program contains..

After the audiovisual, A copy was delivered to all the representatives of the party.: captains, presidents, and commissioners of the troupes, music bands and “The Bracelet”, ambassadors and official party chronicler. The award and program were presented to the winners of the poster and cover and best local artist.. He continued with the words of the festival mayor Ignacio Ferre and our mayor Josep Sempere closed, thus giving way to the second part of the act, in charge of the Musical Society of Banyeres de Mariola who performed: Purple, pasodoble by Juanjo Herrera, in rigorous premiere; Our land, Christian march by Enrique Alborch Tarrasó; Bonus Christianos, Christian march of José María Ferrero Pastor; Cerdá French, Moor March by Mario Roig Vila; and Abencerrajes (april afternoon), Moorish March by Amando Blanquer. The concert was directed by its owner José Francisco Mira Marín and the event was presented by María Ángeles Sanjuán Albero and Verónica Santonja Mayor.


In the dark of night
the music speaks for you,
give what I have in me
with love, with concern.


Saturday, 16 of March

The Comparsa de Moros Nous inaugurated the turn of entradetes, to 20:00 h, with the order and festive good work that characterizes them, red barret and white blanket on his shoulder, enjoying a quiet and pleasant evening.


Saturday, 23 of March

Again the party took to the streets in les entradetes. At 19:00 h, The youthful Comparsa de Jordians delighted us with their parade accompanied by Christian marches and pasodobles; Y, to 20:00 h, began that of Moros Vells, plaid blanket and blue barret, that set the pace to the sound of Moorish marches, except for the official squad, youthful she, who did it with pasodobles.


Saturday, 30 of March

In his turn of entredetes, to 20:00 h, the Maseros paraded, with agricultural utensils and colorful blankets on their shoulders, Closing the parade was the captaincy accompanied by friends and family.

Then, the Pirates entered, one part with pasodoble music and another with the lilting sound of the Moorish marches.

One more night that the weather accompanied giving clarity to the event.


Sunday, 31 of March

At 19:00 h, at the Principal Theater, The Musical Group "La Nova" offers its XVI party music concert, offering his interpretation in solidarity to the Spanish Association of Cancer Patients. During the concert the president of this association and the president of the Agrupació Musical spoke..

The development of the concert was dedicated to festive compositions created for our town with the following program: First part, the pirates double pass, by Miquel Payá Molina; Lydia, marcha mora by Ramón García y Soler; 19 March, which commemorates the founding of the Filà de Califes, Moorish march by Óscar Sempere French; The Jordanians are coming up, Christian march by the same composer from Banyere, and Sponsorship, pasodoble by Fernando Ugeda Fernández.

The Colla de Dolçaines i Tabals accompanied the band throughout the concert “The Bracelet”. In the second part they will play Captain Weaver, marcha mora by Rafael Mullor Grau; Captain Toni Requena, pasodoble by Óscar Sempere French; Drägons, Moorish march of Vicente Gabriel Casanova Martínez; La Jóse, pasodoble directed by its author Marcos Gandía Conejero, and From Zaragoza to Valencia, Christian march in premiere, dedicated to the captain of the Filà de Maseros, authored by José A. Boluda Ponce.

As end, The band gave us Óscar Sempere's pasodoble, Leather and cane. All this directed by its owner Antonio Lillo Pérez.


Saturday, 6 of April

At 20:00 h, the Student Comparsa, with the good humor that characterizes them, provided with pens and pencils, they carried out their entrance.

And to the 21:00 h, They began their parade-entradeta to the sound of Moorish marches, red barret as distinctive, the Filà of Morocco, which was closed by the family and friends of the five captains, who accompanied them with enthusiasm.


The herald with all his heart
unload the feelings
making you live in every moment
inner experiences.


Sunday, 7 of April. Proclamation of Captains and Standard Bearers and Proclamation of Festivities

At 12:00 h, With the luxuriously decorated Main Theater, one of the most anticipated preliminary events of our festivities began..

The presenters Beatriz Francés Tortosa and Javier Silvestre Vázquez who, after extensive introduction, They opened the event announcing its musical performance..

First, The “La Nova” Musical Group offered an audition with the following compositions: Shoulder strap, paso doble by Mario Roig Vila; The Barranc del Sinc, Christian march by Rafael Mullor Grau, and Cefe, Moorish march of Saúl Gómez Soler; under the direction of its owner Antonio Lillo Pérez.

After a break, The proclamation of captains and standard bearers of 2019: For the Filà Cristians, and representing the same, Pablo Carrillo Calatayud and Lucía Belda Belda made their appearance, who, once on stage, They carried out the protocol act of imposing the captain's band on his standard bearer who in turn received a bouquet of flowers from his president Ángela Carrillo Calatayud. This same protocol would be repeated by each and every one of the captaincies. The Old Moors, captaincy by the Filà, Their positions were held by Saül Sempere Castelló and Flavia Sempere Castelló, offering the bouquet of flowers to its president Hermógenes Fernández Esteve; The students, captain also for the troupe, They were represented by Jordi Albero Ferre and Sonia Sanz Navarro, delivering the flowers to her standard bearer, President Inma Altabert Pastor; The New Moors, also without captain, They had the presence of Felipe Torres Doménech and Victoria Torres Silva, offering the flowers its president Mauro Ribera Ferre; The Filà de Maseros did have a captain: Vicente Llopis Tudela who appeared accompanying his wife and standard bearer Eva Alejandre Suñer, receiving the bouquet of flowers from President Víctor José Fancés Belda; The Filà de Marrocs also had Captaincy: five friends who are members of the squad “The Tassel” who decided to hold the position upon the silver anniversary of their previous captaincy, being the representatives of this group of friends in this act, José Luis Belda Molina and María Teresa Aragonés Albero, whom President Jordi Sanjuán Vaño presented with a bouquet of flowers; The Smugglers, captain for the troupe, they will present Nacho Francés Belda and Paloma Real Algarra, offering the flowers its president Jorge García Llopis; The Row of Pirates, It also did not have a captaincy, and on this occasion it was represented by: Captain Jordi Castelló Gisbert and flag bearer Jazmín Navarro Sempere, which received a bouquet of flowers from the president of the Filà Jose Mª Garrido Salas. The Jordanians, captain for the troupe, held the post Adrián Sirera Ribera and Alexandra Ferre García, to whom the president Miguel Cortés Martínez gave the bouquet of flowers; finally in the Califes troupe, that did not have a captain either, Andrés Vicent Tortosa held the office and Isabel Calabuig Molina held the position of flag bearer.

Once the festive charges have been announced, The presenters announced the extensive resume of the maintainer Paloma Martínez Ferre, who entered the room accompanied by a warm ovation.

Paloma offered an emotional and cult proclamation, with a serenity and perfect diction that captured the attention of the entire audience, developing your content with a magnificent party exhibition, of its history and the great importance that music has for it, evoking friends, festeros and family, among them his own father José Martínez, and within the musical world he highlighted his grandfather José Mª Ferre and Maestro Godofredo Garrigues, both of pleasant memory for all present, who left great musical significance for Banyeres de Mariola and its festivals. I know that the chronicler must only stick to what has been developed, but I allow myself the license to express the emotion I felt remembering past experiences with those two good friends.

The proclamation was widely applauded and ended with congratulations from Mayor Josep Sempere., who gave the maintainer an image of our patron Saint George, accompanying her as she left the premises under numerous and warm applause.

As end, and it has been common, The band performed the Hymn to the Festival which was chanted by everyone present..


Canes, metals, percussed,
filling with passion and greatness
on the streets and on the flag,
as expressed in the proclamation.


Saturday, 13 of April

That day the appetizer shift was closed prior to the festivities.. At 20:00 h, the pioneering Comparsa of the Christian Side, that of Christians, to the sound of pasodobles and Christian marches.

And as the end at 21:00 h, It was Els Califes who closed this type of event with joy and festive participation.


Palm Sunday, 14 of April

Once the religious procession is over, to 12:30 h, the masset of Filà de Moros Vells, A large audience gathered until both rooms were filled., starting the XXV Party Music Concert by the Banyeres de Mariola Musical Society. For this event, two screens were installed through which the development of the event could be followed at all times.. For the occasion, The band and the filà chose compositions dedicated to the festival in our town, each and every one of them created commemorating captaincies, positions and people closely linked to it.

Howey opened the concert, Moorish march dedicated to the Howey squad that was Board of Directors in 1995 i promoter of this concert, directed by the person who composed it this year 2019, Miquel Payá Molina, who offered it to Filà; To the Old Moors, marcha mora by Jaume Ripoll Martins composed in 1994, directed by its own composer who addressed a few words to the audience; Jorge Mataix, defaulted march composed of 1999 by Ramón García y Soler, who also spoke a few words via video; Crush, pasodoble of 2002 by José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana who also expressed his feelings through video; To Vicent Domenech, Christian march of our countryman Benjamín Francés Moon of the year 2006, who also spoke a few words; Puche, Christian march of Francisco Valor Llorens 2006, who spoke a few words and went on to direct the interpretation; Jordi el Fuster, by Óscar Sempere French Moorish march of the year 2007, from the same author who also spoke a few words to the public; Beniheres, Moorish march composed by Carlos Pellicer Andrés in 2011, who also spoke through video recording; Morer, Christian march 2013 composed by Saúl Gómez i Soler, who also addressed the public and Ángel l’Anvalid, by Rafael Mullor Degree of the year 2016, who also expressed his opinion about the music and the concert.

Already out of program, the pasodoble Qadim composed by José Rafael Pascual Vilaplana and dedicated to the Filà dels Moros Vells premiered. The concert ended as usual with the Moorish march Als Moros Vells, which is already an exponent of the filà.

During the development of the concert that had been prepared commemorating the silver anniversary of the same, scrolls were offered, one of them to Jorge Esteve Molina, president and founder of the event twenty-five years ago.. The president of the row and the Societat Musical de Banyeres de Mariola took the floor. It is worth highlighting the work of director José Francisco Mira Marín, of the band and of the row, for the effort it took to bring together the different composers for this event.

Again a great concert commemorating the twenty-fifth edition of the same.


Saturday 20 of April

At 9:00 h, all the lanterns were concentrated in the Maset of the Comparsa dels Estudiantes, where was the jury made up of members of the Party Committee. Lantern Contest failed and, after deliberating how difficult it was for them due to their high quality, awarded the following prizes: First prize, to the bluff of the Comparsa de Contrabandistes con 196 points. Second prize, for the Comparsa dels Estudiantes con 192 points. Third, for the Comparsa Califes with 191 points.

At 11:30 h, same day, The jury visited the floats that were presented to the LVI Float Contest, awarding the following prizes: First prize, to the float of the Comparsa de Maseros with 234 points and second, in the Row Morocco con 180 points.


Sunday 21 of April, Easter Sunday

Holy Week was rainy throughout Spain and the weather forecast was for it to continue raining.. That Sunday morning the plan was fulfilled, and even so, it did not prevent the groups of Cristians and Moros Vells from raising their flags at nine o'clock in the Santo Cristo and the castle., at the same time as the others did in their respective places, where they had lunch and celebrating the party under the shelter of the rain in masets and captaincies. The Comparsa de Contrabandistes, who could not celebrate his entrance, held a special party in the tent installed by the City Council on the Villa Rosario campus.


The pennants are already flying in the wind
announcing our holidays,
the church, the Christ and the castle
they have been witnesses for centuries.


Moving San Jorge

At 19:00 h, with the image of Saint George protected by plastic and on the shoulders of members of the Comparsa de Cristians, accompanied by numerous revelers and faithful with umbrellas, She was taken from her hermitage to the parish temple where numerous residents of Bañera were waiting for her. (neighbours) that filled the central nave of the same. The Patron was enthroned on the main altar and his hymn was sung., hoping that the rains would stop for the rest of the events.


Monday 22, Entry Day

The threat of rain and the Party Commission followed, Brotherhood of St. George, captains, presidents etc. They adopted a series of measures applying a protocol for the rains as they had already decided in previous days, consisting of the Flower offering it was effected inside the temple and the Angelus was prayed right there as is already traditional. Decision that was fulfilled and, with the temple crowded with revelers and faithful, It was carried out.

The Senyera was held in the castle and naturally it was not possible to fire the mascletà or celebrate the Godofredo Garrigues Band Competition, having to suspend the event for which all the bands that took part in the festivities were prepared.

The morning continued with the uncertainty of whether the entrance would have to be moved to the afternoon of the day. 24, but upon seeing changes in the weather, it was decided to celebrate it, although an hour late, since the forecasts were that the weather would improve, studying whether to postpone the toilet to the day 24.


The gold coin will fly
curious in our streets,
and with joy he will eat
music and partying.



At 18:00 h, and no longer rain, The event began with the group of flag bearers from the Christian Band accompanied by musicians from the Colla de xirimites i tabals. “The Bracelet”.

The Comparsa of Christians with a picket, three squads, a float and the representatives of the captaincy for the Comparsa, accompanied by music bands.

The students they had fifteen squads, six floats and their representation of captaincy by the Comparsa, besides the music bands.

The Nasseros they did have captaincy and they paraded with a picket line, eighteen squads, a corporal beater who had three beautiful steeds, three floats and a large pageantry composed of a ballet, a group of Aragonese dances and other components that accompanied their captains, besides the music bands.

The smugglers they paraded with a picket, six squads, a float and the representatives of the captaincy for the Comparsa, to the sound of the music bands.

The Christian side closed the Comparsa de Jordians, with four squares, a float and the representatives of his captaincy for the Comparsa and the music bands.

The group of flags of the Moro Bando with that of the Festival Commission began the band again., accompanied by the music of the Colla “The Bracelet”.

The Old Moors they presented twenty-nine squads, a picket and eight floats, in addition to their music bands and the representatives of their captaincy for the Comparsa.

The Comparsa of We Moros paraded with twelve squads, three floats, the music bands and the representation of their captaincy by the Comparsa.

Again a captaincy paraded, this time the Filà Marrocs, who did it with two pickets, twelve squads, five floats, the music bands and the pageantry that accompanied the captains, highlighting his children who left on camels.

The Comparsa of Pirates, in addition to the corresponding music bands, paraded with twelve squads, a float and the representation of his captaincy by the Comparsa.

The Entrance was closed by the Comparsa de Caliphs with four squares, a float, the representatives of the captaincy of the Comparsa and the music bands.

The event was carried out with brilliance and enthusiasm by all participants., without diminishing in any way what was planned, without interruptions and with a single delay of half an hour as planned due to the extent of the pageantry. The weather accompanied and the festeros enjoyed, the musicians and the audience who applauded warmly.


Tuesday 23, Patron Saint George's Day

With time already established, to 6:00 h, the xirimiter of the Old Moors started the Despertà through different streets of the town.


The darkness of the night
is broken by dawn,
the music of the morning
accompanies the target.


At 7:30 h, started the Diana traveling through various sectors of the town the squads and music bands that, upon arriving at Plaça Major, they made their entrance, demonstrating each of them their preparation and enthusiasm, carrying out the characteristic evolutions with mastery and rhythm.

In the wooden castle was the jury made up of members of the Festival Committee., that qualified each and every one of the squads within the XLlV Competition of Ropes and Squads Y, after a debate, since they all deserved an award, The following were awarded:

First prize, to the Comparsa dels Estudiantes con 336 points. Second prize, to the Comparsa de Pirates with 314 points. Third award, in the Row Morocco con 309 points.

When the event ended, the name of the winners was announced and the bull's-eye prizes were awarded. 2019.


What peace and serenity!
Caressed in the church
the well-being of the party
with St. George in attendance,
the clergy presided over the mass.


High Mass for Saint George

At 11:00 h, All the troupes met with their captaincies and flags at the town hall. The Sant Jordi Festivities Committee marched to the parish church, l’Agrupació Musical La Nova and the captaincies with the ambassadors preceding the local and ecclesiastical authorities, closing the procession the Musical Society of Banyeres de Mariola.

At 11:30 h, the celebration of the Solemn High Mass, singing the Mariola Chorale that performed the Sant Jordi Mass by Francisco José Molina Rubio, The ceremony being presided over by the Rev.. D. Segui Juan Melchor Sarrio, Episcopal Vicar, concelebrating our parish priest “in solidum” D. Ramón Micó Colomer and other priests related to the parish.

At the end of the celebration, present at the door of the temple authorities, captaincies with ambassadors, Brotherhood of St. George, Party Committee, festive and public, an aerial mascletà was shot, which was followed by the accompaniment of Mr.. Preacher for the festive charges, authorities and music bands to the headquarters of the Confraria de Sant Jordi, where D. Juan Melchor left a record in the golden book by stamping his signature. Continuing in the same protocol order to the town hall, where the preacher left a record with his dedication and signature in the municipal gold book.

The morning ended with snacks and festive meals, authorities visiting the captaincies of the pioneer troupes of the festival, signing again in the golden books of Cristians and Moros Vells, Mr.. Preacher.


The street is already full of children,
il·lusion innocence
gives with his presence,
future at our party.


Cabos y Escuadras Children's Parade

At 17:00 h, and from Plaça dels Plàtans to Plaça Major, all the festive kids, many of them even less than a year old, They paraded in squads offering a hopeful future to the celebrations that are centuries old..


Your image in the float,
gives the night feeling
at the street, next to the party,
and fill the sky with intense love.


Solemn Procession of Saint George

At 19:00 h, with the presence of the authorities, captains, Festivities Committee and Sant Jordi Brotherhood, Our Patron was enthroned in his luxurious chariot, starting the procession the Guión de San Jorge, the troupe of Caliphs, and the other troupes in order of side and seniority, in formations, official pickets and squads, that has nothing to envy the parade the day before the entry with love and seriousness: the parish cross preceding the faithful in civilian clothes, the Sant Jordi Festivals Committee accompanied by the La Nova Musical Group, the flag bearers, captains and ambassadors, the float of San Jorge heard by revelers from the group of Christians, the parish clergy, the board of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi and the authorities, closing the Musical Society of Banyeres de Mariola.

At the exit of San Jorge the 21 protocol aerial salvos and upon reaching the Plaça Major again, a colorful fireworks display.


At 00:00 h, An audiovisual show took place in the Villa Rosario municipal park by Carnavalia On Tour, that extended the party until the wee hours of the morning.


Wednesday, 24 of April, Day of Moors and Christians

At 6:00 h, again the xirimita and tabal of Els Moros Vells beginning Wake up.


Reviving training
in this second target,
with joy and togetherness
the embassy is being prepared


At 7:30 h, Diana started all squads, with the same enthusiasm as the day before, although on this occasion without competition.

Target finished, All the festival-goers gathered at the Barranc Fondo for a picnic lunch., at the foot of the Serra de la Neu, where the guerrillas took place and have taken place for centuries.

At 10:45 h, prior to the greeting of the Moorish and Christian ambassadors and the flag dance, The guerrilla began in which the Moorish side attacks and the Christian retreats, the captains of the Christians and the Old Moors facing each other, preceding the first the festivities of his side and following the second those of the crescent in harassing the troops of the cross.

(From the embassy of 1853)


… That there is no wall in Spain
saved by infanzones
that the pawns do not bring down
of the prophet with his fury ...


Shots over, already inside what was the castle grounds and today a monument of Saint George in the Conjurer, began, in the walled square of the castle the Moorish ambassador and in the upper walls of the castle the Christian, the Moorish Embassy that, after the dissertation of the poet Pastor's verses and the fight with swords, The Moors won the square, taking possession of the keep.

(From the Christian embassy of 1869, christian ambassador Dionisia Ribera, mother of D. Gregorio Molina)


Christian I am and Spanish,
of King Don Jaime vassal.
I want to talk to your boss!
If listening is worthy of me
come out and I'll explain
briefly my dictation


The afternoon witnessed the guerrilla to 17:30 h. In this case it was those of the cross who attacked those of the half moon, from the outskirts of the Mariola mountain range (today urbanized) to the foot of the castle, monument to Saint George. And to the 19:00 h, took place the Embassy Christian, staging that ended with the knife fight and occupation of the castle by Christian troops. The effigy of Muhammad who presided over the castle has been recovered, the Filà de Moros Vells carried out the Ball Moro in the fortress square.

At 20:00 h, in the Plaza Mayor, they developed their Embassy Humorous the groups of Students and Moros Nous, accompanying the texts with the usual parodies that have new inventiveness every year.

Followed the Embassy of the Pirates, that they celebrate with experiences within their same troupe.

The night was completed with the Tattoo suspended for the day 22 due to the threat of rain, which passed completely normally and Cordà, recovered last year after some years of not being held.

The festive activities continued in the Villa Rosario municipal park grounds, with a verbena by the Monte Carlo Orchestra with audiovisual show, which lasted well into the early hours of the morning.


Thursday, 25 of April, Cemetery Day, of the Holy Christ and the Dispossession


The cypresses of the cemetery and the Holy Christ,
crowded on the edge of the mountain,
they bear the burden of heaven in theirs
The importance of the past and the present
together in one thing,
they get that future
be more solid and durable.


At 8:00 h, the comparsas concentrated in El Morer, place where it was traditionally outside the town walls, the celebrations began, visiting the inheritance, in a custom that has been maintained for centuries.

Next, the flags were danced and the captains of the next year were raised., which would later be officially proclaimed in the Santo Cristo, in which section we will go into more details.

The tour began by shooting the Cristians troupe, following the others in order of side and seniority.. Upon arrival at the Ermita de San Jorge park, a volley of musketry was fired, in remembrance that that was a place where our ancestors rested and today it is dignified with the hermitage of our Patron.


In the end of life
when we are not present
friends or family,
the heart opens to hope,
and thought reminds us
great moments in memory.


The procession continued to the cemetery, three salutes were fired at the same time as three Our Fathers were prayed, in prayers of brotherhood, union and memory of those who preceded us, forming a spiritual chain that unites past, present and hope for the future; to the sound of funeral marches each of the troupes, He entered the second area, where before the altar of the Monument to the Fester, the salutes and prayers were repeated, forming a plastic painting with a strong spiritual sense.

Once these requirements have been met by all the arquebusiers, The guard was formed around the altar table under the canopy of Saint George, by presidents, authorities and celebrant, starting the Eucharist officiated and presided over by our parish priest “in solidum” D. Mico Ramon Colomer, with a massive attendance of faithful and festive, the latter forming groups in the third enclosure of the holy field.

After the mass, and after a few minutes so that the faithful could leave the cemetery, large number of individual festivalgoers, They visited the graves of family and friends, firing a shot as a message of unity., in memory of thoughts and experiences.

Then, on a splendid morning accompanied by the sun and brotherly warmth, The party continued with the traditional country lunch on that emblematic hill where the Santo Cristo hermitage is located..

At 12:00 h, and after signing in the golden book of the hermitage, at the door of it, I know next year's captains were proclaimed: For the Comparsa de Cristians they rose, under the chords of the royal march, to Alfonso Sanchis Casares, to his wife Mónica Ripoll González and his children Alberto and Nuria; The Students in the family composed by Ismael Sanjuán Santonja and his children Mª Carmen, My Angels, Ismael, Ignacio, Elena, Lucia and Jorge with their relatives; The Old Moors proclaimed to the grandchildren of the great party that was Vicente "Serrella", Cristina and Mireia Calero Mataix, Paula and Xavier González Mataix, Toni Mataix Ribera, and Saül and Mar Valverde Mataix; The captains of the Marrocs were proclaimed in the person of María Puerto Belda, Rosa Barceló Aragonés, Esther Pascual Garcia, Ana Francés Lozano, Andrea Ballester Ferre, Natalia Sempere Lozano, Lidia Garcia Ferrer, Ana Aragonés Esteve and Marina Belda Ferre; Carmen Vaño Tormo presented himself as the captain of the Pirates, Maica Berenguer Vaño and Nerea Berenguer Vives; And by the Caliphs they were proclaimed Juan Mora Francés, Miguel Llopis Mora, Joan Llopis Mora, Javier Mora Tree, Gregorio Mora Tree, Javier Silvestre Vazquez, David Are French, Andrés Vicent Puig, Francisco Javier Ribera Navarro, Jorge Castelló Ribera, Khatir Bahri Calabuig, Raul Ferre Molina, Ivan Sanjuan Sanz, Alberto Dobon Belda, Rafael Vicedo Alal, Pablo Silvestre Hernandez, Rafael Barcelo Ferre, Ramón Sánchez García and Agustín Berenguer Sirera.

The four remaining troupes, whose captaincy was by the troupe, they hoisted their flags.

The harquebucer shots continued up to the hermitage of Santa María Magdalena in the same order in which they ascended from Morer and, to 13:00 h, shooting finished, the Moorish ambassador José Carlos Molina Benítez, with signs of deep feeling, carried out the representation of the parliament of the Dispossession, also known for centuries as Relation to Saint Joseph and Conversion of the Moor to Christianity. In this regard, and having as reference the figure of Saint Joseph, I must highlight a tradition that was lost in the eighties and should be recovered: since ancient times, Behind the Moorish ambassador a red fabric canopy was placed and in the center the painting of Saint Joseph that is still in the hermitage., symbolizing that the Saint washed the head of the converted Moor. The ambassador always recited his verses standing on a table and in the background the described, but when the current wooden tribune was manufactured that gives dignity to the ambassador, the figure of María's husband was eliminated, important figure and who gave name to the Dispossession or Relationship to San José; The Conversion of the Moor to Christianity has appeared more recently influenced by other populations.

Finished this act, The Old Moors danced the Ball Moro in the Plaza de la Hermita and the gunfire began until the Plaça Major., where, according to the regulations, The partygoers had to finish collecting gunpowder in their cartridge cases., which caused some of them to have to walk around the square in front of the wooden castle several times..

Flags dance and transfers of San Jorge

At 18:00 h, the Moorish side and at 18:30 h, the Christian, They proceeded to the colorful flag dance, proclaiming themselves captains again.

Later, Each of the troupes carried the image of Saint George that presides over the captain's home throughout the year., from the previous captaincy to the one he takes possession. A festive parade in which when two images of the Patron cross paths on the street, The revelers of the troupe whose Saint George has not yet greeted the image that exists on the façade of the church open their ranks., having right of way the one who has already done so; moments of festive fraternity in which all attendees applaud each other, and the two images that intersect perform three protocol greetings to the sound of the royal march.

It only remains for me to remember what I already said in the proclamation of the festivities of 2016: Our parties are like a chain that, through memories and feelings, unix present i passat.


We associate pride and passion with it,
that eagerness to defeat the dragon;
may St. George always guide us
with love and freedom…
that chain we said,
it never gets rusty.



The festive tetralogy would end at 23:30 h, with the fire of the Cordà rockets.

The festivities this year were marked by the uncertainty of the weather forecasts for the month of April. Easter was rainy, mainly on Glory Sunday, as we reported in this chronicle. Which motivated the Sant Jordi Festivities Commission with its president at the front, the Board of the Brotherhood of Sant Jordi, The captains, presidents and the rest of the festive world held several meetings preventing changes in weather and drawing up a rain protocol that motivated the changes applied to the Transfer of Saint George and the Offering of Flowers, as well as in the Godofredo Garrigues Band Competition and the Retreta. As we have recorded, but with the enthusiasm and help of everyone, It has been possible to celebrate some perfect days of festivities, something that was doubtful would happen.

One more time, With these celebrations we have been able to honor the figure of the Patron that our elders bequeathed to us.. Hallelujah!


Music reaches the soul,
it is the universal culture
than conveying calm to us
it gives meaning to life.


Friday, 26 of April, Octavary of Saint George and Musical Days

Octave mass in suffrage for the deceased of the Cristians and Moros Vells troupes at 20:00 h, in the parish church.


The Comparsa dels Estudiantes held its fiesta on “Albadet”, with a dinner and festive parade in which they pretend to keep the symbols of the festival until the Relic. What this chronicler does not understand is how they have lost the tradition of carrying the festive costume inside the trunk., replacing it with liquor bottles, which could be carried in another way, maintaining what gave rise to this party, symbolized by a child's funeral in other times, and changing it very correctly by replacing the coffin with a trunk to store the festive costume and, with the, parties.


Saturday, 27 of April

Octave Mass for the deceased of Estudiantes and Moros Nuevos at 20:00 h.

At 20:30 h, also in the parish church, first concert of the Musical Days in its XL edition, which places them among the oldest in the Valencian Community. The Valencia Chamber Orchestra offered the concert under the direction of Pere Molina González and they performed in the first part: Overture to the Marriage of Figaro and Concerto for clarinet and orchestra in A M k622 by Amadeus Mozart.

And in the second part: Symphony No. 40 SOIL m K550: Very happy, Andante, Minuetto, Allegro y Assai. Counting as a clarinet with Kiko López Herrero.

An audition that was strongly applauded by the audience..


Sunday, 28 of April

Octave mass in suffrage for the deceased of Maseros and Marrocs at 18:30 h.

At 19:30 h, also in the parish church, They performed the second concert within the Musical Days, Zelenka Ensemble: Obóes Jesús and Daniel Fuster, bassoon Joan Enric Sapiña, double bass Javier Sapiña and harpsichord José Ramón Gil Tárrega, who performed Sonata I in F M ZWV 181, de Jan Dismas Zelenka; Triosonata in F Major Op. 2 NO 4 de George Frideric Handel y Sonata 5 and Fa Major ZWV 181.5 de Jan Dismas Zelenka.

Audition strongly applauded by everyone present.


Monday, 29 of April

Octavary Mass, to 20:00 h, for the deceased of the Contrabandists and Pirates troupes.


Tuesday, 30 of April

At 20:00 h, octave mass in suffrage for the deceased of the Jordians and Califes troupes.


Wednesday, 1 of May

At 20:00 h, in the parish church, octave mass in suffrage for the deceased of the music bands, of the El Braçal Gang, of the Coral Mariola and the coral of the

seniors, color chaff.


Thursday, 2 of May

At 20:00 h, Octave mass in suffrage for all the deceased of Banyeres de Mariola.


Friday, 3 of May

At 20:00 h, octave mass in suffrage for the deceased of the Confraria de Sant Jordi.

At 20:30 h, third concert of the Musical Days, by the Female Voices Choir of the Generalitat Valenciana, under the direction of Jordi Blanch, which he played in his first part: A short mass, Kirie and Gloria by Nancy Telfer; Generous Bird by Ola Gjeilo; In Natalie Domini of Jose Ramon Gil-Tarrega; Tramuntana Tremens, Germination by Carles Santos; The hours, The Rain by Matilde Salvador and Nuit d’etoiles by Claude Debussy.

And in the second part: Suor Angelica, Ave Maria by Giacomo Puccini; The Flying Dutchman; Hum and hum by Richard Wagner; Kniaz Igor, Dancezas Polovtsianes de Aleksandr Borodin; Carmen, Georges Bizet's Cigarette Choir; Macbeth, Guiseppe Verdi's cat meows three times; Eugene Onegin, Dyevitsi, krasavitsi de Piort Illich Tchaikovsky; the witch, Choir of the spinners of Ruperto Chapí; Nephews of Captain Grant, Choir of smokers by Manuel Fernández Caballero, and La Gran Vía, Polka of the streets, by Federico Chueca.

The success of the concert and the length of the applause motivated the choir to sing two more compositions.


Saturday, 4 of May, Moving San Jorge

At 20:30 h, after celebrating a mass in the parish church with the attendance of the festive world, The transfer of Saint George from the parish church to his hermitage began with the following participation: Parish Cross, faithful of the people in general, group of Scouts from the parish who celebrated the holiday of their Patron Saint George, Script of the Saint, members of the Sant Jordi Festivities Committee, music band Agrupació Musical “The New”, captains and flag bearers with the flags of each troupe, image on litter of Saint George on the shoulders of members of the Comparsa de Cristians, parochial clergy, Board of Directors of the Brotherhood of Sant Jordi, municipal authorities and the band of the Societat Musical de Banyeres de Mariola.

When Saint George arrived at his hermitage, a colorful fireworks display was set off, with which the official events of the festivities were terminated.


Saturday, 18 of May, San Isidro festival

The Filà de Maseros has two patrons to worship, Saint George and Saint Isidro Labrador.

As it's usual, This Comparsa transported San Isidro on a litter accompanied by the festeros provided with the blanket that characterizes them to the parish church., where the mass was celebrated remembering the deceased.

At the exit of the temple, in the Plaza Mayor, The group of bigheads who traditionally accompany them began their dances, beginning the tour through the streets Àngel Torró, Laporta, The Cross, town hall Square, Plaça Major and San Jaime until the maset, accompanied by the Musical Group “The New” who closed the procession and preceded by the group of big heads to the sound of xirimita and tabal, who with their music and dances delighted children and adults.


Sunday, 9 of June, Pentecost day

The comparsa de Cristians following the tradition, the flag of the belfry of Santo Cristo was lowered, which had remained since Glory Sunday as an announcement of the festivities, which has been a symbolic witness of the festival throughout the Easter period. A mass was celebrated for the deceased in the hermitage and, then, our parish priest “in solidum” D. Ramón Micó Colomer proceeded to the blessing of terms, like a ceremony deeply rooted in this troupe.

The morning ended with a fraternity lunch between revelers and family..


Saturday, 6 of July

At the headquarters of the Sant Jordi Festival Commission, session of the same was held. First, the new president Beatriz Francés Tortosa was introduced, who in turn introduced the first vice president Mario Martínez Francés, to the second vice president Carlos Moisés Miró Doménech, to the councilors José Carlos Molina Benítez and Fernando Sempere Huertas, and the secretary Francisco Albero Blanquer, ratifying Miguel Sempere Martínez as official festival chronicler.

The continuation, The new commissioners of the five groups that renewed their position this year took office, then proceeding to the vote for the new festival mayor. Unanimously, Commissioner Fidel Bodí García was elected, who, upon receiving the baton of command, spoke a few words of gratitude, requesting everyone's collaboration to be able to carry out the position for the good of our festivities.

And set for the preparatory work for the next festival of the Relic, the session ended..


Saturday, 20 of July

At 9:30h, The qualifying jury of the XII Digital Photography Contest met in the plenary hall of the town hall, composed by Mr.. Mayor Josep Sempere i Catelló, the president of Fiestas Beatríz Francés Tortosa, Arceli Ferre Tortosa, Remigio Silvestre Belda and Óscar Navarro as professional photographers, as observer vowels, Jose Carlos Molina Benitez, councilor of the Popular Party, and the mayor of parties, Fidel Bodí García, acting as secretary, the one of the Commission of Celebrations, Paco Albero Blanquer.

Once the twenty-four photographs in the Color section have been studied, the following prizes were awarded: First prize for the slogan "Imitating the Flight", of Blai Vaño, Viceroy of Bocairent; Second prize for photography "El Guerrer", by Miguel Ángel Santonja López and Access to the best local author in “Els Negociants”, also by the same Miguel Ángel Santonja de Banyeres de Mariola.

In the Black and White category, they were presented 15 snapshots and the following awards were awarded: First prize for "Camí de l'Entrà", by Reyes Cerdá Mira de Castalla; Second prize for "Els Passejants", by Miguel Ángel Santonja López de Banyeres de Mariola and access to the best local author to Miguel Ángel himself for “Soldiers raising the flag”.

And once the corresponding minutes were drawn up, the session was adjourned., to 10:45 h, placing the exhibition of all works for the month of September.


Friday, 30 of August

At 18:30 h, in the municipal park Villa Rosario, with a large audience, mainly children, Eddy Eight performed in his show THE POWER OF THE 80's, managing to make attendees spend a fun afternoon with their circus acts and juggling full of humor. All this prelude to the festive children's parade.

At 20:00 h, accompanied by three bands formed by the Societat Musical de Banyeres de Mariola and the Musical Group “The New”, they paraded from Font Bona to the square, three groups of boys and girls provided with the classic flags provided by the Festival Committee. Everyone showed their enthusiasm and festive spirit as an announcement of the La Reliquia festival..

The night continued with festive dinners in the corresponding masets, leading in some cases to an informal entrance to warm up the engines.


Saturday, 31 of August

To 01:00 h, A festival began in the Villa Rosario municipal park by the Scream orchestra, that lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

At 12:00 h, A general ringing of bells rang announcing the festival that has been celebrated since the year 1780..


At 17:30h, the party world is concentrated in the Font Bona area, The festive parade began with the group of pennants from the Christian Side troupes, accompanied by members of the Colla “The Bracelet”.

The Comparsa of Christians with a picket, a ballet, three riders on horseback, four squads and two chariots, accompanying its captain Alfonso Sanchis Casares along with his standard bearer Mónica Ripoll González and her children Alberto and Nuria. To the sound of their corresponding music bands.

The Comparsa of students with fourteen squads, a picket, six floats and the music bands, chaired by its captains Ismael Sanjuán Santonja, Mari Carmen, Mari Angeles, Ismael, Ignacio and Elena Sanjuán Albero, Lucía and Jorge Sanjuán Beneyto and the rest of their family, all of them with festive roots within the Comparsa.

The Row of Nasseros had fifteen squads, a rider, a picket and two floats, in addition to the music bands and the representatives of the captaincy for the Comparsa.

The Comparsa de smugglers with seven squads, a picket, a float and music bands, in addition to the representatives of the captaincy for the Comparsa.

The Christian side closed the Comparsa de Jordians with four squares, a float and music bands accompanying the representatives of the captaincy for the Comparsa.

The troupe flags paraded again accompanied by the Colla “The Bracelet”, but in this case those of the Bando Moro troupes.

They headed the Old Moors with 8 floats, thirty-three squads, a picket, a beater cape on horseback, a horse without a rider in memory of that celebrant who was Vicente Mataix Gisbert "Serrella", in memory of those who held the captaincy Cristina and Mireia Calero Mataix, Paula and Xavier González Mataix, Toni Mataix Ribera and Saül and Mar Valverde Mataix, accompanied by music bands and preceded by their pageantry.

The Comparsa of New Moors that he did not have captaincy either, paraded with its representatives who were accompanied by twelve squads, three floats and the music bands.

The Row continued Marrocs with a picket, twelve squads, six floats, the music bands and their young captains: Ana Aragonés Esteve, Andrea Ballester Ferriz, Ana Francés Lozano, Natalia Sempere Lozano, Esther Pascual Garcia, Maria Puerto Belda, Marina Belda Ferre, Rosa Barceló Aragonés and Lidia García Ferrero.

The Comparsa of Pirates they accompanied their captains Mª Carmen Berenguer Vaño, Carmen Vaño Tormo and Nerea Berenguer Vives, fourteen squads, two floats and the music bands.

The parade closed the Comparsa de Caliphs with three squares, a float, a beater cape and marching bands, accompanying the large group of captains composed of: Khatir Bahri Calabuig, Rafael Barcelo Ferre, Agustín Berenguer Sirera, Jorge Castelló Ribera, Alberto Dobon Belda, David Are French, Raul Ferre Molina, Miguel and Joan Llopis Mora, Gregorio and Javier Mora Albero, Joan Mora French, Francisco Javier Ribera Navarro, Ramón Sánchez García, Ivan Sanjuan Sanz, Pablo Silvestre Hernandez, Javier Silvestre Vazquez, Rafael Vicedo Alal and Andrés Vicente Puig.

It was an afternoon of great festive color that developed with great harmony and without any incidents worthy of mention., which contributed to the public and partygoers having a good time. Finishing just a few minutes late from the scheduled time.


At 00:00 h, the Christian announcement Y, Thirty minutes later, the Bando Moro, they started the act,from the Plaza Mayor, walking the streets of the old town, all the groups accompanied by official music bands and led by traditional lanterns, which usually represent various facets of the party.

Arriving at the square, The groups of the Christian side burned their lanterns. Doing it half an hour later those of the Moro Bando.


Sunday, 1 of September

To 1:30 h, in the municipal park Villa Rosario, The Montecarlo group livened up the night with a festival based on Disco-mobile, that lasted the party until well into

the dawn.


At 7:30 h, all the squads concentrated in the Plaça Major, that of the Comparsa de Cristians began, continuing the others in order of seniority and side, They followed the established routes in which they attempted to cover the greatest number of streets in the town., making their entry into the Plaça Major in the same order in which they started the event, with great attendance of the public who enthusiastically applauded the magnificent evolution of each of them, all culminating with the surrender of weapons in front of the image of Saint George on the facade of the temple.

High Mass

At 11:15 h, the Commission of Celebrations went to the temple, The captains, flag bearers, ambassadors and authorities together with Mr.. Preacher, accompanied by the two local music bands, where at 11:30 h, was celebrated Solemn High Mass which was sung by the Mariola Choir. The Rev. presided over the Eucharist and gave the homily.. Sr. D. Aquilino Martínez Gallego, canon of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Valencia, concelebrating several priests, among whom was our parish priest “in solidum” D. Ramón Micó Colomer and Canon D. Manuel Soler Espí, so linked to our parish.

At the exit of the temple a sonora mascletà, subsequently accompanying the authorities to the headquarters of the Confraria de Sant Jordi and the City Hall, where Mr.. Preacher signed in the golden books of the two entities.

The usual appetizers in the masets or captaincies completed the morning events.

Cabos y Escuadras Children's Parade

At 17:00 h, from the Plaça dels Plàtans, The children of the Comparsa de Califes started the parade, following the other troupes in reverse order of their seniority and side. Once again the little ones put all their enthusiasm and festive good work.

Procession of the Relic of Saint George

At 19:30 h, started the Procession the Script of Saint George, following the Comparsa de Califes and the rest of the groups in reverse order of seniority and side, accompanied by the different official music bands, the parish cross, the faithful in plain clothes, the Festivals Committee, the Musical Group “The New”, the families of the captains of the Moro Bando and the Christian Bando, the Colla de Dolçaines and Tabals “The Bracelet”, the standard bearers, Captains and Ambassadors, the Relic of Saint George under a canopy carried by revelers from all the groups, the board of the Confraternity of Sant Jordi, the local authorities and the Musical Society of Banyeres de Mariola.

A parade with great seriousness, participation and color, that accompanied the Relic, which, when leaving the parish temple, She was greeted with twenty-one aerial salutes and upon reaching the Plaça Major with a colorful fireworks display..

With the kiss of the Relic by authorities, captains, festive and faithful, The events of this celebration that is already centuries old have ended, and that this year it shined due to the good weather and the good work of the festive people and people in general.


Friday, 6 of September

In the exhibition hall attached to the Principal Theater, The exhibition of the XII Digital Photography Contest that has been mentioned previously was inaugurated, including all those submitted to the competition.


And all this happened
in the village of Banyeres
in the nineteenth century,
For the glory of the Patron.