Presentation of the program and festival poster 2015

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The Main Theater of Banyeres de Mariola hosted on Saturday afternoon the presentation of the program and the poster announcing the Moors and Christians festivities 2015, event that can be considered as the starting point of this festive edition and which was attended by a considerable number of attendees.

The format chosen for the presentation was that of an introductory video with which important data were revealed for this year’s festivities, such as the celebration of the 25 anniversary of the blessing of the hermitage of St. George or the 50 years that fulfill the cambril of the image of the saint and the corresponding ones to the celebration of the Contest of interpretation of festive music Godofredo Garrigues. The Banyeres festival currently has a total of 2.273 festeros inscribed in the 10 filaes , 23 festers less than in 2014, of which 1.088 belong to the Christian side and 1.285 on the Moorish side.

Some of the significant news that the festival program also announces is that from this year on, the morning arquebusier 24 d'abril, day of Moors and Christians, will end next to the monument to St.. Jordi at the foot of the castle, or that the program can also be consulted from now on in its digital edition. Regarding the “Banyeruts with own name” section, this edition pays homage to the various boards of the Brotherhood of St.. Jordi that, any rere any, they make possible the celebration of the different religious acts and in the denominated Family of the Morer, only from 1780 has continued the tradition of opening the doors of this estate to everyone to commemorate the arrival in the town of the first relic of the patron saint.

The event was complemented by the usual distribution of the program to the captains and various party officials, as well as the delivery of the prizes of the XXX Contest of the poster of parties, ending with a party music concert by the Agrupació Musical La Nova.