Banyeres exalts captains and standard bearers and listen to the cry

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Banyeres celebrated last Sunday the Exaltation of captains and Abanderadas and the proclamation of the parties 2014. Comenzaria with a concert of festive music Musical Society Mariola among its repertoire to include two Estrenos "our children", Christian march written by José Antonio Boluda Ponce dedicated to the captaincy of the Maseros row was interpreted in conjunction with the Coral Mariola, and "Cerdá French", Red mora Mario Vila march dedicated to the captain of the row Moros New.

Then they were accessing different stage capitanías: Christians, hand Fernando Ferre Aracil and Sara Calero Segura; students, Andrea Herrera Sanjuan Sanjuan and Lidia Mayor; Nasseros, Juan Bautista Torres Cerdá Verdeguer and Mati Niembro; smugglers, with Javier Tree Ribera y Andrea Ferre Tree; Jordians, Hand Alvaro Lozano French and María García González; Old Moors, with Miguel Angel Cerdá Ribera Ribera and Maria Julia Castelló; We Moros, José Vicente Cerdá Albero and Estefania French Sanjuan; Marrocs, with Dawn and Irene Pascual Jiménez Ivars; Pirates, with the brothers Fernando and Ramón Sayo Blanes; and Califes, represented by Rafael Barcelo Ferre and Ivan Sanjuan Sanz. The third part of the act starred Francisco Berenguer French by reading a proclamation in which were present the legend of St. George and the Dragon, the identity of the Moors and Christians, its reality, attributes and essence, and the vindication of memory and the evocation of the past in a globalized world marked by the immediacy.

The act, which it was led by Ana Albero value and Ruperto Martínez Miralles, He concluded with the interpretation of the hymn to the party.