Banyeres rule out moving the Moors and Christians at the weekend

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The Commission approves unanimously to keep holding on the traditional days after finding little support for the move by the troupes will be no referendum

m. Vilpln
The Festival Committee has ruled Banyeres move the Moors and Christians at the weekend. The company has approved unanimously to keep the celebration in the traditional dates of the 22, 23, 24 Y 25 of April, after finding that the transfer proposal had little echo among the groups. The Commission decision also means that finally a referendum is not convened on the subject.

As reported by this newspaper, Banyeres City Council was considering the possibility of calling a referendum, On the occasion of the European elections, for residents of the municipality they were pronounced about the wisdom of moving the Moors and Christians at the weekend.

The initiative was put on the table following comment upon the proposal within a few troupes, as well as other sectors of the population. Among the arguments it highlighted the fact facilitate the participation of revelers who reside outside Banyeres, and also generate fewer problems in economic and business activity.

But nevertheless, the transfer was finally dismissed by unaninimidad by the board of the Festival Committee. As explained the delegate councilor, Maria Jesus Montava, "It was found that there was little support for the proposal, so it was dismissed. So, not held a referendum and Feasts, at the least during the two remaining years of term, They continue to be held as usual '.

It should be noted that the Festival Committee is formed by two representatives of each of the ten troupes participating in the Festival, the Brotherhood of St. George, the musicians, Church and Town Hall.

Remember, Likewise, the organization of the Festival depends on the City, Once all the groups themselves have rejected more than once an independent board form.