Agustín Berenguer Sirera donates an acrylic with the image of Sant Jordi

The 5 June 2023, Drawing competition with Sant Jordi as the protagonist, Agustín Berenguer Sirera delivered to the president, M. Elena Vilanova Calatayud, of an acrylic painting on a wooden board with the image of Sant Jordi throwing the dragon, with measures of 120 cm long and 100 cm d’ample. On the back of the panel a review by the author: “In the Confraternity of Sant Jordi, especially to Elena for her good deed. Agustín Berenguer, 2023”.
The act of donation was simple and very endearing. The protocol to follow, consisted of the reading of the act of donation by the president in the absence of the secretary and then signed by Agustín Berenguer, the giving party, and by the president representing the Confraternity of Sant Jordi, the donor party, leaving one copy for the Brotherhood and another for Agustín Berenguer.
The Board of Directors is very grateful for the gesture that Agustín has had with the Confraternity of Sant Jordi and with the president, which we value and take into consideration.