Thanks to Mari Carmen Ferre Francés – Stationery Baldomero

The 19 June, after the Corpus Christi Procession, a small act of recognition and gratitude to Mari Carmen Ferre Francés took place in the Headquarters of the Brotherhood of Sant Jordi, from Papereria Baldomero. The president will give him an engraving of the Sant Jordi Script, work of M. Pomegranate, by the provision and col·collaboration dispensed, any rere any, to all the Boards of Directors of the Brotherhood. Besides having been a member of one of them, she has also sponsored and sold so many items in the Confraternity catalog, like theater tickets, of raffles and the Christmas and Kings lottery. Mari Carmen excited, thanked the vault that gave the Sant Jordi Confraternity a Count of Sant Jordi in 3D, an image of Sant Jordi, both children and a print of Greek origin of Sant Jordi. He started his retirement a few months ago, We wish you the best of health and well-being.

Thank you so much, Mari Carmen.